‘For Some Reason’ America’s Government ‘Just Can’t Get It Done’

‘For Some Reason’ America’s Government ‘Just Can’t Get It Done’

The daily rate of positive coronavirus tests hit 3.25% in New York City, Bill de Blasio said Tuesday. That's the highest since June. The city, which is currently in the process of gingerly attempting to resume in-person learning and indoor dining, uses a 3% threshold, on a seven-day rolling basis, to determine whether schools can remain open. That figure (the seven-day rolling average) is still just 1.38%. De Blasio called the uptick "a cause for real concern", but expressed confidence in the
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2 thoughts on “‘For Some Reason’ America’s Government ‘Just Can’t Get It Done’

  1. That poll reminds me of a misconception that many Americans seem to have. The founders inserted an anti-majoritarian feature into the Constitution–its a feature, not a flaw. The idea was to protect against the tyranny of the majority. Congress was not designed to pass laws, but designed to prevent bad laws from passing. That is why we have an Electoral College, one body where there are two Senators per state, irrespective of their population, ect. One of the nasty issues is that has arisen is that the frustration with Congress has increasingly politicized the Supreme Court. The left wants to turn into an alternative legislative body. Another problem is the Imperial Presidency. The vision of the founding fathers is being corrupted from multiple directions.

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