‘Almost Indecent’

‘Almost Indecent’

Last week, I lamented the state of America's democracy, and suggested that while the election has the potential to usher in four years of stability, a Joe Biden presidency won't cure what was ailing the country prior to Donald Trump's tumultuous tenure in the Oval Office. The point wasn't to deride Biden. I tried to make that clear at the outset, without much success, judging by some of the feedback. Rather, the goal was to underscore the fact that America's trust in government was waning prio
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3 thoughts on “‘Almost Indecent’

  1. We seem to assume that a populist reaction will come from the left. But in the US we have a long, proud history of right wing populism.

    It was not so long ago that The Rev. Charles E. Coughlin ruled the radio waves, showing the way for Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

    My father once spoke of socialist presidential candidate Norman Thomas coming to his economically devastated mill town in the depths of the recession. The local priests exhorted the impoverished immigrant faithful to pelt the man with eggs when he arrived.

    I long believed that, thanks to the weighting given to southern and rural voters, the US was more likely to rally around a right-wing demagogue than a socialist. Like George Wallace, for instance. However the popularity of Bernie Sanders did call that into question.

  2. H-Man, Congrats on dusting off that degree in political science and focusing on those issues. It maybe time to resurrect your teaching career on the island at the JC. You would enjoy that while diving on business issues.

  3. Honestly, “indecent” might become my favorite word to describe most of what I witness in our political landscape and markets these days. Talking of indecent, it is also an apt description for GS’s price action today after their quarter for the ages.

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