End Of The Road: America’s Small Businesses Close For Good In New Lockdowns

"Mr. Muscari, with the business closed and its 30 employees jobless, has nothing left but his house and his car", The New York Times writes, documenting the plight of a 38-year-old restaurateur in Lubbock, Texas, who, despite taking a Paycheck Protection Program loan, has now decided to close Nick’s Sports Grill and Lounge for good in the wake of the state's new lockdown. He owes the bank $80,000 in connection with a loan taken out three years ago when he bought out his partners. According to

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3 thoughts on “End Of The Road: America’s Small Businesses Close For Good In New Lockdowns

  1. A national tragedy of epic proportion. And getting worse by the day. The Donald will go down in infamy. (And Mitch can share the blame.)

  2. More CA news from this afternoon for readers to note:

    LA, San Diego and now Stockton school districts have eliminated in-person classes for Fall.

    Governor is supporting these decisions, so more will likely follow (…why chance it now if you’re a district superintendent in Bay Area or Sacramento region?)

    For those households that have been able to maintain both jobs/incomes, this is a really big drag on productivity, morale, mobility, etc.

    Add this to the “headwinds” list, please.

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