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‘Days Like This’: Coronavirus News Takes Decisive Turn For The Worse

Cue The Shirelles.

Risk appetite waned on Wednesday as the pandemic news flow deteriorated further, spooking market participants who are increasingly concerned that flare-ups in the US presage the return of lockdowns -- at least at the local level. The New York City Marathon was canceled, removing what would have been the event's 50th anniversary from the calendar. 1 million people typically witness the race, and you don't have to be an economist to know that nixing it comes with considerable economic consequences for local businesses. Here's The New York Times with a bit more: Michael Capiraso, the chief executive of New York Road Runners, said he and other organizers had held out hope that the race could happen. They decided to cancel before having to spend more money to organize it. “There was hope but that turned to uncertainty, and given what we have seen the past months this was really the only decision,” Capiraso said. Runners who had signed up for this year’s race will be able to choose to receive a refund or to defer their entry to the race during the next three years. They will also have the option to run the race virtually. Organizers said they would announce details of the virt
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8 comments on “‘Days Like This’: Coronavirus News Takes Decisive Turn For The Worse

  1. I will be watching hospitalization and death rates keenly. If hospitalization rates remain the same as a percentage of new cases then an average population is being affected. If however deaths per hospitalizations are reduced then newer therapies may be having a beneficial effect.

  2. what’s your source for hospitalization ?

    • All state sources as compiled and updated by Bloomberg daily. It’s all on the terminal, but you can check these on the dept. of health websites for each state. the data is usually in .csv and excel format, but if not, you can scrape it from the dashboards.

  3. I used to hate market days like today, Fed liquidity largesse has made them so rare since late March these red tape days have become my favorites, reminders that there is still some rational fear out there, do not go gentle into that good night.

  4. GD H, you continue to amaze me. Knowledge of 50’s and 60’s music….awesome. Yeah I pay for this site for the humor and amusement also!

    • I second both thoughts. I grew up on the Shirelles but I seriously doubt that H did.

  5. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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