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Apple Of My Eye (See You In Tulsa)

"Everyone’s really, really excited".

"Everyone’s really, really excited".
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10 comments on “Apple Of My Eye (See You In Tulsa)

  1. D Price says:

    Any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes

    Does this mean as a lowlife he will not be attending his own rally?

  2. Yup, and most of his cabinet.

  3. Dan says:

    Again, let them swap spit for all I care.

  4. jyl says:

    Project Warp Speed is planning mobile clinical trial centers i.e. nimbly targeting vaccine trial recruitment to the cities with the most viral transmission. It should co-locate with Trump rallies, and a condition of admittance should be participation in the trials. The participant pool thus obtained would lack diversity. To balance, the trials could also recruit from the workers at the hotels, convention centers, food service etc serving the rallies. For them, the chance to receive a vaccine would be a workplace safety perk.

  5. Pete K says:

    Things sure didn’t turn out as expected, there was no overflow crowd and the arena was barely ⅔ full. Photos and video from the event showed the upper level seats being almost completely empty. Apparently a lot of Oklahomans are getting tired of all the winning.

    • Turns out a bunch of teenagers fooled Brad Parscale by registering for tickets under silly e-mail addresses — or at least according to all kinds of media reports. Apparently, the campaign got duped. There was never going to be a large crowd.

  6. D Price says:

    In a Machiavellian sort of way is a disappointment as the super spreader event among supporters will be less effective at eroding his base.

  7. D Price says:

    Administration fooled by a bunch of teenagers. These are the people in charge of our country.

  8. Maybe they were Russian, Iranian and Chinese teenage hackers trying to put some zing in their resumes??

  9. jamaican says:

    Maybe that, too.
    But the majority reportedly seems to have been TikTok users and K-Pop fans who were smart enough to erase their videos after 24 hrs.
    I guess Mr. Parscale, who was hired because of his presumed his social media savvy will probably soon be resigned.

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