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Trump: ‘Smart People’ Are Buying Stocks Right Now

"It’s not going to be that long” of a process.

If you, like many market participants, harbor serious reservations about piling into US equities at a time when the economy is headed for the worst downturn since the Great Depression and earnings are poised to collapse, Donald Trump thinks your concerns are misplaced. Or at least that's what he suggested on Monday evening, during a press conference in the Rose Garden. "Smart people" are buying stocks right now, Trump contended. "The third and fourth quarter in particular are going to be spectacular", he said, in response to a query about Q2, which is almost guaranteed to be the single-worst quarter for the US in the history of modern economic statistics. The advance read on Q1 will be released this week. To be sure, the president isn't alone in calling for a "V-shaped" economic recovery. That is, in fact, the consensus narrative and that narrative is enshrined (for better or worse) in the forecasts.  Looking out to 2021, Trump told the media on Monday that next year will be "unbelievable". There's little doubt about that. After all, each of the last three years has been "unbelievable" in more ways than one, so you'd be foolish to think next year will be any semblance of no
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9 comments on “Trump: ‘Smart People’ Are Buying Stocks Right Now

  1. I’ll wait for Larry Kudlow to give the all clear signal to buy stocks!

  2. Huckster-In-Chief

  3. The same guy who did the ‘largest deal of his life’ to save oil industry. Less than two weeks later all the oil a person could want could be purchased at NEGATIVE prices. I am thinking if the ‘Bankruptcy King’ is true to form might be a good time to start looking downward for a reasonable target. Do not get in too much of a hurry though in this case he is not actually doing anything ‘amazing’.

  4. Wednesday March 11 was the night Trump should have been a cheerleader. What a lost opportunity for greatness.

  5. if Trump just said that now’s a great time to buy, I guess that means I need to go out tomorrow and find something to short.

  6. exactly.
    TSLA maybe?

  7. monkfelonious

    It is truly hard to grasp that we are now in la-la land. El jefe is a complete loon surrounded by his hand picked loons. Today, my wife read me a FB post that literally yelled, “Obama wasn’t rich enough to give everyone $1200”.

    If there was ever a time for young people to stand up, it’s now. They failed in the last cycle.

  8. I had a dream last night American Airlines went to $0. Based on absolutely nothing I would trust that more than Trump desperately jawboning the market.

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