US equities kicked off a crucial week with a bang, but the move higher felt tenuous. In addition to representing a narrower advance than last week's rallies, gains were set against a backdrop of a stronger dollar and plunging crude, neither of which have been positive developments over the past several weeks. The S&P has risen in four of five sessions. It was the first gain for the dollar in four days. Virus news out of Europe was mixed. The pace of infection slowed in Italy, as did the
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7 thoughts on “Tenuous.

  1. The shear ignorance to chant trump trump trump when draft dodging Cadet BoneSpurs never had any affiliation with the armed services – or doing good by other people. A solid 40% of the American electorate has subpar intelligence levels to associate anything trump does with being in their best interest or good for our country.

  2. As long as immigration numbers fall and Black Lives Matter remains silenced, the base will stay in line.

    Very sadly, it is increasingly obvious that is all that motivates the base.

  3. H-Man, the market is throwing a dead cat over and over again while it bounces up. What happens when the cat fails to bounce? Methinks there is little left in the bounce and with no bounce, there is only way to go.

    1. Yes, I know. You habitually remind everyone here that disaster is waiting around every corner and that all manner of misfortune is poised to hit at any moment. At least this time you went with “dead cat” instead of “CAT 5 hurricane”, which has been your go-to for the last 27 comments.

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