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The Not-So-Great Coronavirus Debate Rages On: Kill The Global Economy To Save Lives?

"...but the faster the virus stops, the quicker and stronger the recovery will be."

"...but the faster the virus stops, the quicker and stronger the recovery will be."
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12 comments on “The Not-So-Great Coronavirus Debate Rages On: Kill The Global Economy To Save Lives?

  1. It’s not an either/ or : coming out quarantine too early will do both.

    • Indeed. I recall my E. Coli 157 infection. The antibiotics I needed could shut down my kidneys permanently if I was not lucky but the infection would kill me if I didn’t take them. Making my system endure the short term risk of damage was the only way to avert short term system failure.


    In 15 days Trump might contract coronavirus, and so the question will answer itself.

  3. The folly in Trump’s “logic” is that there are really only a handful of possible scenarios to play out. One is miracle resolution where heat, malaria pills, prayer defeats this thing permanently very soon, which lets say the odds are negligible.

    The second is we bite the bullet and idle the global economy keeping only essential items running until we have a vaccine and monetizing the pain then ride the rocket ship once we are out from under this nightmare and hopefully start taking seriously the idea of building resilience into our economic systems with early warning systems like universal healthcare and proactive pandemic detection and anti viral research.

    The last one is to go back to normal then watch as the pandemic grows exponentially unchecked overrunning the hospitals and causing millions of deaths all while the economy burns to ash as businesses encounter a lack of supply from vendors, missing critical employees and a workforce scared to death to go to work. Nobody goes to sporting events or bars because everyone has lost a friend or a loved one and the virus is out there perpetually. Cities encounter massive civil unrest. The recovery is slow and painful.

  4. The unusual part of this economic downdraft is that it is emmanating out of the service and trade sector of the economy. The problem with Trump is not his “solutions”. There is a some chance he could be right. It would be based on luck rather than some sort of at least semi rigorous process. Most Americans I would bet would not be willing to rely on luck. But here we sit. The most unbelievable thing to me is that this fool’s popularity is actually rising. Hard to underestimate the stupidity of the American electorate.

    • I think a Huge part if Trump’s exploding problem is in the way he frames his on the fly messages and thinking. This is basically world war 3, and the concept of needing output from people to provide critical services and products is essential and even patriotic but the GOP and Trump seem to be focused on ways to enrich themselves and friends. Obviously, other wars have allowed for theft and abuse by Captain’s of industry, whose Fidelity is always focused on selfserving piracy.

  5. For the man who delights in giving others disparaging nicknames, I give you: President Donald “Typhoid” Trump!

  6. The idea “trade lives for economic activity” probably plays well in more rural areas and small towns, where there are few if any Covid-19 cases and the large cities feel remote, and with the 0.5% who derive most of their wealth from securities or owned companies, while being easily able to sequester themselves (at the Hamptons, etc). That happens to coincide with GOP electoral strength.

    Prematurely lifting the shutdown as an electoral strategy seems odd, because the case curves will continue to climb, more medical systems will be overwhelmed, and the virus will start making an impact in those small towns and rural areas (watch Midwest). At that point the Fed govt will be forced to choose between reversing course and belatedly reimposing the shutdown – snuffing out whatever market rally has occurred and throwing things back into chaos – that much closer to the election.

    Unless you believe that a magic bullet (hydroxychloroquine, warmer weather, etc) will arrive in the very near future.

    Seems to me the better strategy would be to continue the shutdown, use the time to beef up our medical system with temporary hospitals and emergency production, then carefully ease the shutdown, all while Trump plays Santa Claus and sends voters $2,000 checks (while quietly bailing out large companies). The Treasury could probably include a personal note from your Benevolent President with each check. Trump has the opportunity to spend $2-4 TR to buy the election while granting tens of millions a sort of paid staycation – can’t believe he’s not grabbing it by the p***y.

  7. Maybe he could wait until the daily death count has peaked and was on the way down for a couple weeks or so. Of course if it took off again…

  8. Maybe, we just have to allow our leadership to give the ok to go back to work and ignore cases reports and deaths. Sending people back to work, just as the contagion is accelerating is a perfect step for Trump zeolites to put their money where their mouth is. Adversely, the other 200 million+ people that more cautious, can examine evidence as it plays out. The outcome for all this is highly uncertain, but in general most people around the globe are being cautious for good reasons. In the possible event, that the pandemic intensifies during the period of Trump’s heightened denial, all the possible deaths are on him, but as usual, he won’t accept any blame and perhaps Pat himself on the back for helping. However, at some point, if the American pandemic echos the impacts of what has happened during the stages of contagion, why Americans look at Trump any differently than a terrorist, and why would anyone allow him to not be punished? This is the man who claimed he could kill someone and not be accountable, and now, as possible mas murderer, how so we process that?

  9. Seems like the fundy Christian, anti-vaxxer, “I wasn’t sick until I went to the doctor” crowd has DJT’s frighteningly limited attention. No accident that he is proclaiming Easter as “Back to Work Day.” We will just let God sort ’em out.

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