50 Cent Gasoline, A Sub-Trillion Apple, Germany’s Bazooka And 100% Recession Odds

50 Cent Gasoline, A Sub-Trillion Apple, Germany’s Bazooka And 100% Recession Odds

As lawmakers on Capitol Hill bickered over the specifics of a massive stimulus plan aimed at rescuing the world's largest economy from the abyss, markets continued to throw off a veritable smorgasbord of consequential and amusing headlines. Of course, many of your favorite anchors are now reporting live from their living rooms, so you don't get the full, dramatic production - after all, there's something disarming about someone speaking to you via what amounts to a Skype feed from their couch w
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4 thoughts on “50 Cent Gasoline, A Sub-Trillion Apple, Germany’s Bazooka And 100% Recession Odds

  1. The Democrats are asking for their pound of flesh- memories are long about the GOP blocking stimulus during the Obama administration, especially after 2010. The Democrats are looking to get more aid for the lower income 60% of the US and to include the very needy vs. a high tilt to corporate bailouts and such from Mitch. They cannot negotiate for too long, but they are right to get what they can for the most in need. Besides corporate aid on offer from the GOP and in fairness for other aid, they are especially keen to get help for municipalities, hospitals and front line health care professionals. The market is not going to get fixed until we can see an inflection point for virus cases, and the credit markets start to function properly. Until then, there is going to be terrible dislocation, both economically and for public health.

    1. I’d encourage folks with strong feelings about the actions of our federal government to email their representatives. I find myself a fiscal conservative reaching out to Democrats to preclude unwarranted corporate bailouts. Let the market Btch slap the companies that profit from the spread of virus. On the other hand, funding a medical response by giving money to states is another matter entirely. The Fed is already intervening in markets plenty to directly help corporations. In my humble opinion, and my representatives know it. The larger point being, it is reasonable to expect it to take some time for this administration and this congress to set aside personal agendas and do something that might help. We help them by speaking up. At least that is how it was explained to me in school.

    2. Dems also pushing for funds to be included to expand early and absentee voting should the virus still be an issue come November. Wouldn’t want the president* to have to postpone the election due to public health concerns of large gatherings.

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