As Virus Deaths Climb, Equity Positioning Drops To All-Time Low. Cue Helicopter Money

As Virus Deaths Climb, Equity Positioning Drops To All-Time Low. Cue Helicopter Money

As expected, Saturday brought more disconcerting epidemic numbers, as the COVID-19 death toll jumped 32% in Spain, just a day after Italy suffered more than 600 fatalities in the space of just 24 hours. Iran lost another 123 people, bringing the country's death toll from the virus to 1,556. Hassan Rouhani pleaded for sanctions relief. "People of the United States, in the name of justice and humanity, I address your conscience and Godly souls", he said, in a message addressed not to the Trump a
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5 thoughts on “As Virus Deaths Climb, Equity Positioning Drops To All-Time Low. Cue Helicopter Money

  1. Here’s a thought, Nixon stabilization act freeze wages and prices, to help stabilize future shocks. I doubt the new batch of retarded GOP morons will learn from their brothers of that era, but worth a shot. Perhaps better than closing wall St and there’s a precedent!

    1. Sir, I hate to burst your bubble on Nixon’s controls but I was there on the inside. Our company was a Tier 2 and I had to file the paperwork proving we conformed to the rules. My cousin was one of 14 Counsels to the House and wrote some of the legislation. (Typical DC, six months after writing the law he’s working for a big Tier 1 bank, testifying in Congress about how they must be allowed to raise credit card rates. What a country.) Never were so many liars conceived in such a short time. Nixon’s controls were the stroke that ushered in the era of clever packaging. A pound of sausage became 14 ounces, same price. Now they weren’t totally stupid in DC so they had anticipated and outlawed that idea. Of course, in a new package and as a “new product” (maybe a bit more salt …), no problem. Voila, 12% price increase. So much treachery to get around those rules. Then, of course, projects up for bids were exempt and a little cooperation over coffee made sure that wasn’t a problem. On the outside everything looked great but there was a reason it went away.

  2. L.and another thing … look at the general costco like model. today in general they seem to be looking strong with a spike in food demand but meanwhile whats going on with spring garden supplies and the massive amount of dry goods sitting in warehouses? what about the supply chains thare are geared up for spring sales that will smash against a wall of weak demand? these are the type of future earnings questions that will be dumped into future earnings reports! no doubt many analysts will sweep thrse impacts under their radar but its worth the time to dig through little details that may destroy purchasing power in terms of seeing bargains next week or next month.

  3. H-Man, as I write this post we are #3 on worldwide infections, only China and Italy are above us on the score card. Methinks we will be in the 1 hole shortly. If the S&P crashes 3300, hang on and tell Kevin to buy bonds.

  4. Equity positioning is at the all time low but each and every share is still owned by someone. Who are the people who bought all equities that were sold in this selloff?

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