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Kudlow & COVID: ‘We Have Contained This’

"We’re in touch with the Fed people all the time". 

"We’re in touch with the Fed people all the time". 
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8 comments on “Kudlow & COVID: ‘We Have Contained This’

  1. Lance Manly

    I’ll spare you the Baghdad Bob videos. But to think that “social distancing” is going to be a required skill sounds right up my alley.

  2. Curt Tyner

    Animal House: Kevin Bacon holding up his hand sayin then screaming “All is Well, All is well”. Thanks Larry., what a goof. Sure someone believes you, somewhere. Now go home and kiss some ass.

  3. I am reminded of Bernanke’s infamous quote about how the ‘subprime crisis had been contained’ just before we fell off a cliff. Some wag wrote at the time, “Yeah, contained to the known universe!”

  4. Larry Kudlow is an expert on bad forecasting and the use of drugs-maybe that is the source of his expertise on the virus! Just ask anyone at Bear Stearns or during the “Bush boom”! Clown is not an outlandish noun for Mr. Kudlow…I hear his tennis game is good though, there is always that.

    • Yes, I have long believed that the term “hack” still far overstates Kudlow’s skill level…

  5. Karma’s a bitch! Looks like the elite executive team at Shit-Show Inc., which has been bull-shitting its way through every challenge over the last 3+ years, will now finally be exposed as the fraudsters that they truly are. Unfortunately, it has taken a global health crisis to shine the light on their incompetence and narrow-mindedness. Perhaps this will lead to Trump’s undoing in the upcoming election (…what timing!). What a crying shame that would be… wink

  6. Heeeere’s Larry! Wind him up, roll him out, and watch the crowds drift away. #MAGA

  7. The govt/govt officials should not be giving trading/investing advice. Period. That is not there job. Their job is to create a sound environment that allows the economy, individuals, etc to allocate resources in the most efficient way.

    And it is politically stupid as the chance of being wrong is high. Hubris is abundant. And even in this short attention span country credibility can be damaged or lost (though maybe not among cult members).

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