How Bad Would It Have Been Without The Xanax?

Discussions about the disconnect between policy uncertainty and market-based gauges of implied volatility are complicated by a laundry list of factors, not the least of which is that the former is often measured by news-based indicators. And yet, there's something irresistible about charting, analyzing and otherwise pontificating around the vast disparity between, for example, the VIX and the Economic Policy Uncertainty Index. Or, if you like, rates vol. and variants of the EPU. If you're new

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One thought on “How Bad Would It Have Been Without The Xanax?

  1. A prediction on trade uncertainty, which be giving Trump to much credit. Things will be relatively calm until September to hopefully keep the economy stable and the markets rising. Then, when the lag will mean the negative effects mostly won’t be felt until after the election he will find some excuse to take drastic action to cement his reputation as the protector of American jobs

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