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Yen, Pound See Wild Swings Amid Lack Of Adult Supervision

"Nobody is trading now".

If you’re looking for some Christmas Day humor, you might check out the pound and the yen.

Obviously, liquidity is non-existent. Any respectable human being is already drunk, trying to pretend like the sweater they just unwrapped isn’t hideous and settling in for a day spent gorging themselves on holiday ham washed down with Maker’s Mark (or at least that’s what I would have been doing during “better” times).

In the absence of overseers and adult supervision, GBPUSD looks to have gone haywire.

“There’s almost no activity and there is no news trigger”, Ryuta Taketomi, a client manager at Resona Bank’s market trading office in Osaka told Bloomberg.

Here’s a look at dollar-yen:

“Nobody is trading now”, Taketomi went on to say.


2 comments on “Yen, Pound See Wild Swings Amid Lack Of Adult Supervision

  1. Nick Langman says:

    Bought dollar at 2.04 to £. Happy, no reason to change

  2. DoubleB says:

    Those swings look like airport exchange rates from Travelex.

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