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Albert Edwards To America On Thanksgiving: Japanification Is Right Around The Corner

"But what if the reverse happens?"

"But what if the reverse happens?"
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5 comments on “Albert Edwards To America On Thanksgiving: Japanification Is Right Around The Corner

  1. One ingredient underlying Japanification is that achievable affluence relative to survival is very high. This induces a concept of disposable consumption, as in consumption that can be permanently foregone. Is that in the models. It is a secular economic force acting in tandem with other ones, like birthrate. The USA, with anemic growth relative to tax cuts, and very lame infrastructure enhancement resembles a trucking company where the vehicles haven’t been maintained, so an illusion of health can be transmitted. Secular deflation is now much more powerful than QE or any other similar crap. Just think what a FED buying any T-bills at all really means. Look at it substantially, not technically. And how much substance underlies dollar debits and credits on computer screens outside the USA. Implode confidence there and what remains?

    • Wild E Coyote day happens that’s what. Dow down 5k in one day is what happens

  2. Inflation is everywhere!! It’s in housing, building materials, food, labor, electricity, fuel oil, road tolls are just a few examples

  3. Just went grocery shopping… $3 lettuce, $4 celery. Who do you want to believe? The local store or the government?

  4. Japanification is likely inevitable.

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