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One Bank Asks: Recession Or Melt-Up?

"Our S&P 500 forecasts have a V-shaped profile".

Wall Street managed a rally to close the week, even as market participants struggled to make heads or tails of the incessant headline hockey around the trade talks. Donald Trump was ambiguous on Friday, parroting the usual line about being "close" to a deal, while media reports suggested stumbling blocks remained. Despite Friday's gain, the S&P snapped its best weekly winning streak in two years, logging a small loss, the first down week since early October. The S&P's three-day losing streak on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday brought the first back-to-back declines for the gauge since October 8. Even as equities' weekly streak is no more, US stocks are still on track for a third consecutive monthly gain, and volatility has declined near record lows both at home and across the pond. The S&P has fallen in only two months during 2019 - May and August, when Trump broke the Buenos Aires and Osaka trade truces, respectively. Read more: One Word For Markets In 2019: ‘Breathtaking’ For what it's worth, Credit Suisse is out warning that rebalancing flows could put downward pressure on stocks into month-end. Pension funds will need to sell nearly $7 billion of domes
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