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GOP Cites Trump’s ‘State Of Mind’ In 18-Page Impeachment Defense Memo

"President Trump said there was no pressure on the call."

"President Trump said there was no pressure on the call."
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5 comments on “GOP Cites Trump’s ‘State Of Mind’ In 18-Page Impeachment Defense Memo

  1. Americans have never before seen the threats to the American principles of honesty and integrity as they are seeing during the Trump presidency. America’s core values are in danger and the GOP is not helping the situation. Trump and his cohorts should end up in jail period. Although in the old days they had better methods of dealing with traitors.

  2. vicissitude

    The main issue for me is how extortion or bribery is connected to trump’s projection that he is the chosen one, who can murder anyone and not be held accountable. That’s the real issue here, i.e., trump’s insistence that he’s above all laws, including impeachment. Adding insult to injury, we have the GOP party backing their total blessing of trump criminality and suggesting that they wont hold trump accountable for any wrong doing. Thus, the entire process of impeachment and its legality are at odds — on one hand, there is a corrupt president who lords over the DOJ, FBI, CIA, while his party controls Congress — and on the other hand, The House is making a case that basically will amount to nothing, regardless of evidence. The Senate jury has already decided the outcome, before a trial even begins. At the heart of this reckless plunge into darkness, is the theory that trump is above the law and thus the GOP is above the law and DOJ is above the law — but inside that illusionary magic box is the reality that Congress created The Constitution and Congress created the executive office and essentially the DOJ. It’s not difficult to note that the declarations of Article l take priority over Article ll. Congress is a body of elected representatives — and that body has greater powers than an executive or a madman con-artist game show host. Yet, here we are, watching a game,where nobody understands rules or laws — and we have an entire political party ready and willing to subvert the Constitution in a game of rule-breaking. I’m totally baffled as to why Americans are not enraged or engaged to stand up for America and the Constitution — people seem frozen, as if this isn’t important. It’s worth noting that like The Heisenberg Report, the media is caught up in chaos, serving up nice balanced mixes of weather, stocks, fashion, sports and whatever else might appeal to reader traffic — after all, media is entertaining and everyone needs a break from the on-going story that America has been taken over by a coup. After all, everyone is burned out by hour by hour trump insanity — but in that capitulation, America is surrendering its soul and allowing its Constitution to be subverted and to allow treason to become normalized. At this point, people don’t think about pre-WWll Germany and the way which Germany allowed a madman to take over their country — in fact, the German sheep followed hitler up to the point of his suicide and they normalized insane behavior — then essentially swept that all under the rug as if it never happened. I guess people end up feeling powerless and then their brains become clouded and confused with grey uncertainty about what’s morally right and wrong — maybe its just human nature, like water, to take the easiest path towards the lowest point, or a point where we just shrug our shoulders and ignore lawlessness. Maybe this is just part of a process that defines the end of an era, the end of a way of life. I find this to be infuriating and sad and can’t help but think our future will become darker and darker, with less and less hope.

    • Totally agree! I am a conservative Republican and am disgusted by this. Will not vote for these Rs anymore. Bloomberg or Biden will get my vote. Even Mayor Pete. I do think anyone other than trump will be better and restore American values.

  3. For those of us who have rounded third we’ll be gone. The younger generations will go through hell before it’s over and God knows when that will be.

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