‘Tipping Points’, Payrolls And A ‘Stalling’ US Economy

‘Tipping Points’, Payrolls And A ‘Stalling’ US Economy

On Friday, Wall Street cheered a better-than-expected jobs report. Stocks pushed to new record highs thanks in no small part to news that the US economy added 128k jobs in October, a month affected by the General Motors strike and the drop-off of temporary Census hires. Revisions added 95k to the totals for September and August. Throw in a dash of trade optimism, and stocks powered to a fourth consecutive weekly gain (bottom pane in the visual). Still, the pace of hiring has slowed, and Oct
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3 thoughts on “‘Tipping Points’, Payrolls And A ‘Stalling’ US Economy

  1. The reality is as expressed by my working class friends young and old is that everyone out there is struggling… This gets perplexing when I see inflation and unemployment and interest rate numbers…. I get told I have a disconnect with the realities of modern day life in America.
    Being in my 70’s and moderately wealthy has obviously altered and distorted my perceptions so as to more reflect my experiences than current conditions.. Gut feeling there is stealth inflation at a greater rate than commonly perceived… Not to present a conspiracy theory here, but I do believe it is done intentionally as a joint project of Govt and corporate America…This is sort of coincidental because the best interests of both coincide… I help out a lot where I can… The middle class is slowly being moved steadily lower… That being said I am not a liberal except in the view of some conservative friends….Hope this post rings a bell or two ….as there is Distortion all around us that should be obvious..

    1. Good post, and I see that disconnect among a lot of different age groups. I remember as a kid in the early 80’s my dad was a copier repair technician for Xerox making $35k a year with a company vehicle, health insurance for his family, and a pension accruing. 25 years later I found myself working for Coca Cola in a bottling plant working 12 hour night shifts as a maintenance mechanic/electrician making exactly the same, about $35k a year. But without a vehicle, making my own contributions with a small match to a 401k, and contributing largely to my own healthcare. Didn’t feel like a lot of economic progress to me. I think young people entering the workforce today often feel like America’s glory days were many decades ago, and having older people explain to them how rich they are because they have smartphones and flat screen tvs today doesn’t do much to ameliorate their dismay.

  2. Amen. I think the government is caught in the toilet whirlpool. The payout on the debt just keeps getting to be a bigger percentage of the total available money. At some point the government and all the poop they’re handing us will disappear around the bend. And then what?

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