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Trump Compares Chicago To Afghanistan In Divisive Speech Marred By Boycott, Protests

"I've done more than any president has ever done for the police".

Donald Trump spoke at an event for police chiefs in Chicago on Monday, and his remarks were unfortunate, to say the least. The president has used the city as a punching bag on numerous occasions in the past, lampooning the city's crime problem from his bully pulpit. For instance, in a January 2017 interview with ABC, he compared Chicago to Afghanistan. "Afghanistan is not like what's happening in Chicago", he remarked, adding that he's tempted to "send in the feds" to help get the "horrible carnage" under control. "People are being shot left and right, thousands of people over a short period of time," he added. "Chicago is like a war zone". Trump reiterated all of that (including the Afghanistan comparison) on Monday. He also took the opportunity to make fun of Jussie Smollett.   Police superintendent Eddie Johnson boycotted the president's speech, prompting Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police to issue a vote of no confidence. One opinion writer for the Chicago Tribune who has been critical of Johnson in past columns called the FOP's decision "clo
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2 comments on “Trump Compares Chicago To Afghanistan In Divisive Speech Marred By Boycott, Protests

  1. gdhalpha says:

    If Chicago were really like Afghanistan that horrific Trump sign would be full of bullet holes. That sign is a blight and an eyesore on Chicago’s beautiful riverfront

  2. Mr. Lucky says:

    Has anyone noticed how much POTUS looks like Il Duce when he poses like the banner above. I wonder if he practices in the mirror.

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