‘Clown’ Who Presided Over Worst December For S&P Since Great Depression Says Democrats Will Crash Economy ‘Like 1929’

‘Clown’ Who Presided Over Worst December For S&P Since Great Depression Says Democrats Will Crash Economy ‘Like 1929’

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to deliver some post-game "analysis" after another Democratic debate which, generally speaking, delivered more of the same and underscored the desirability of cutting the field down to the four or five presidential candidates that actually have a chance. If you ask the current president, "there is NO WAY that any of the Democrat Candidates that we witnessed last night could possibly become President of the United States". Normally, when someone
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5 thoughts on “‘Clown’ Who Presided Over Worst December For S&P Since Great Depression Says Democrats Will Crash Economy ‘Like 1929’

  1. Clinton stayed in office b/c tech was bubbling; nixon left (in part at least) b/c the economy was rolling over, inflation/oil shocks etc—his fault or not, potus gets the blame/credit.

    mkts/econ need to be weak/soft summer 2020 and djt is out. not sure how one could spin it…..even the risk of a dem as potus crashes the mkt?? better just make him prez for life like all his buddies.

  2. The global rebound of employment after The Great Recession crash is obviously linked to a business cycle, which is now trending towards another slower growth period. In addition, the Amazon effect is changing how people work globally and employment as a metric is far more challenging to understand. The recovery that has been in place has been subjected to a great deal of chaos from the American clown/leader and his GDP growth has been nothing less than anemic. As far as any Democrat being able to do better, that is debatable, because if trump isn’t impeached and imprisoned at best he’;; be both a laughing stock and lame duck who will always be symbolic of the most corrupt person ever to occupy the White House.

    FRED Clown Chart & US vs Japan GDP: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/?g=pb1w (I need to look at more countries, but it’s sad that trump’s GDP growth is below Japan, so sort of brings up interesting dynamics about MAGA)

    ==> The “World Employment and Social Outlook Trends 2019” report said unemployment rates were anticipated to fall further to 4.9% this year, which is expected to hold steady into 2020 despite the fact that the number of jobless in real terms is estimated to rise from 172 million to 174 million in that time as the labour market expands.

    “The poor quality of many jobs also manifests itself in the fact that, in 2018, more than one quarter of workers in low and middle-income countries were living in extreme or moderate poverty,” the report said.

    Global unemployment among young people (between 15-24) stood at 11.8 per cent, higher than other age brackets.

  3. And another thing, it’s interesting that Ukraine GDP is looking stronger than the trump MAGA economy, in fact, it’s fairly easy to see that the MAGA miracle is nothing but total bullshit when one looks at global economic performance, so yes, by all means, only trump and the GOP snakes can offer a path forward … what retarded stupidity. The only thing the GOP is capable of is to enrich their corrupt regime and steal as much as possible before they get booted from power — and if anyone follows history, the GOP has always been a corrupt regime!


  4. “Our record Economy would CRASH, just like in 1929, if any of those clowns became President!”
    Be careful what you say, Mr. President. You’ve already got your clown hat on, and before you’re out of office it may just be like 1929. Remember Hoover’s Smoot-Hawley Tarriff Act (1930). You just initiated Act II…and the Chinese are licking their chops.

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