‘Pray’ For The Kurds: Turkey Launches Syria Operation As World Holds Breath, Trump Tweets

Donald Trump spent Wednesday morning defending his decision to pull 50 US special operators off Syria's border with Turkey, a move that green-lighted a long-threatened incursion by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On Wednesday, all indications were that Turkish forces, in conjunction with their own Syrian rebel allies, would move into territory controlled by the YPG imminently, following rumored strikes on the Syrian-Iraqi border designed to cut off a resupply route. Turkey's stated aim is to establish a

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4 thoughts on “‘Pray’ For The Kurds: Turkey Launches Syria Operation As World Holds Breath, Trump Tweets

  1. Too late, Lindsey Graham, your man Trump has created a situation that is FUBAR, with the Kurds aligned with Russia and Syria for their own survival. Big winner: Vladimir Putin.

  2. One may be able to learn from the world of trump tweetisms — but I doubt it! I love the ellipses and square brackets, etc……

    From The Week: “And the reason he suggests it instead of expressing it … is … very often … because it is almost an idea … instead of a real idea.”

    Through simple omission, or dramatic pause, he can stoke sensationalism and cover up the shallowness of his own thoughts.

    Moar hear: https://twitter.com/trumpgrammar?lang=en

  3. I know Kurdish families that came to this country as political asylees after risking their lives for the US in Iraq. One is a contractor there now. They are now citizens and patriots of our country out of gratitude for what the US has done for them and their people. They represent generations of support for the US.

    Now the affection and gratitude is gone. Sold out in a tweet. I wonder what Judas received for this betrayal? Beyond tragic.

    Too little, too late, Lindsey.

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