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China Investment Limits Story Not ‘Fake News’, As CNBC’s Tausche Shown Internal Memo After Navarro Debacle

Perhaps Peter will show back up on CNBC to explain himself.

On Monday, Peter Navarro decided it would be a good idea to cement his reputation as the second-most nefarious Trump official (behind Stephen Miller, of course) by way of a combative interview with CNBC.

Navarro’s remarks largely centered around trying to refute a market-moving Bloomberg article from last week which said the Trump administration is mulling a series of options to restrict capital flows to China.

Over the weekend, Treasury denied that any move to restrict US listings by Chinese firms was imminent, but did not speak to the veracity of the other proposals Bloomberg said are under discussion.

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Navarro had some choice words for Bloomberg, which he called “irresponsible”. The article itself, Peter said, was “fake news”.

But the truly egregious behavior came with Peter adopted an absurdly condescending tone towards CNBC’s Kayla Tausche, who Navarro instructed to “just stop”.


When she wouldn’t, Peter made things immeasurably worse by chiding her like one would an unruly child.

Things got more testy later in the interview, when Tausche reminded Navarro that, in fact, nearly a half-dozen media outlets had confirmed some version of the story and that any number of sources from the White House had leaked the news in one way or another.


As you can see, Navarro wasn’t particularly enamored with Tausche’s brutal reality check which included a tacit reminder that this administration leaks like a sieve.

Fast forward to Tuesday and guess what? Tausche now has what sounds like proof that Navarro was lying on national television.

“[The] White House circulated [a] policy memo last week that started [the] discussion process on potential US/Chinese investment limits”, she said, adding that “today a source showed me the ‘Policy Coordinating Committee’ memo”.

And it gets better.

The memo, Tausche says, “includes Navarro’s office” and “suggested a follow-up meeting this week to discuss”.

Although we would generally suggest that Navarro simply be blackballed from network television based on his penchant for peddling outright economic propaganda to the public, CNBC should perhaps have him on one more time so he can explain how, exactly, his Monday comments are consistent with the “Policy Coordinating Committee” memo that the network has now seen with their own eyes.


3 comments on “China Investment Limits Story Not ‘Fake News’, As CNBC’s Tausche Shown Internal Memo After Navarro Debacle

  1. Crawl back in your hole Peter.

  2. richardsymms says:

    Look at his body language – a very self confidant swamp creature.

  3. Antony A Phipps says:

    …then he must have someone behind him holding him up. Lying swamp creatures like Navarro and Trump have no spines (nor morals nor scruples, for that matter).

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