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And Now, A Brutal Bloodbath In Bonds

We were due.

We were due.
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10 comments on “And Now, A Brutal Bloodbath In Bonds

  1. Really interesting scenario – a green shoot for econ/equity -> disorderly liquidation of bonds -> abrupt tighteninging -> brown fungus for econ/equity?

  2. Happy as heck I don’t have to manage billions, or even millions, in this environment.

  3. It’s hope (of a U.S./China detente) over good sense.

  4. Harvey Cotton

    I know, it’s nuts right? The Swiss 30 year is yielding -0.41 today. I kept refreshing my browser and had to pinch myself to make sure this opportunity was real…

  5. Bond action today in UST Treasury market also reflects the humongous amount of corporate bonds being issued this week and next and still lower liquidity post labor day week. A pull back was warranted but these technicals are making it worse- add in an upcoming ust auction. A move back to 1.70% on 10s would not be surprising nor would a rally later in the month to new highs…

  6. Anyone who’s ridden IEF from 102 to 114 is not going to be devasted by the tick down to 113.

  7. Clearwaters

    The 2-yr treasury says the EFF will be about 1.5% a year from now — what BLOOD BATH?

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