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Of Course Donald Trump Wants The US To Buy Greenland

“What do you guys think about that"?

“What do you guys think about that"?
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5 comments on “Of Course Donald Trump Wants The US To Buy Greenland

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe the Grand Nagus can buy Greenland and transform it from ice to green by burning more fossil fuels, and then buy Iceland and transform it from green to ice. Then he can finally exchange their names and resolve an age old puzzle in linguistics and toponymy. Isn’t it so much fun with trump at the helm?

    • Hey, it’ll be a balmy paradise in 10 years anyway the way things are going. I mean, on the days without acid rain and microplastic dust storms.

  2. Who’s going to tell Donald that Greenland is not actually green?

  3. Now that would be a jumbo mortgage.

  4. Harvey Cotton

    Sure. Why not? Pat Buchanan wrote about this idea decades ago. If you can pull it off, do it. It is part of North America. It is a colony. It will be like Florida twenty years from now. What is the point of having an interest free credit card if you don’t rev the engine and spend a little?

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