Trump Calls Xi ‘Good Man In Tough Business’, Wants ‘Quick’, ‘Humane’ Solution To Hong Kong Problem

Trump Calls Xi ‘Good Man In Tough Business’, Wants ‘Quick’, ‘Humane’ Solution To Hong Kong Problem

Donald Trump, seemingly unsatisfied that the market has had enough of his tweeting, weighed in on China and the upheaval in Hong Kong on Wednesday evening, hours after the closing bell sounded on the worst session of 2019 for the Dow. The administration's position on the civil unrest in Hong Kong is largely a mystery. Sure, the White House has urged calm, and the State department ostensibly views any physical threats against the protesters as a potential human rights violation, but on the other
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10 thoughts on “Trump Calls Xi ‘Good Man In Tough Business’, Wants ‘Quick’, ‘Humane’ Solution To Hong Kong Problem

  1. I can’t believe i am saying this, but i agree with trumpolini’s general attitude on this. I live in Guangzhou, i travel to HK frequently for business the protests don’t have the support of the people there, initially they did when they asked for the extradition law to be repealed. The protesters are a bunch of youth mostly from organizations financed by American NGOs, typical mode of operation where ever there is American sponsored or colored revolutions. China is acting in proportion and in fact is managing the situation well. If these protest where in Paris, nobody would have been so alarmed. Extremely disappointed with Warrens statement, shame. Speaking out against the communist party…why is that a virtue? You keep your “democracy” China keeps it’s own communist system, where is the problem? Why is it so hard to mind your own fucking business, i mean Iraq Afghanistan Syria Lybia, and possible coming soon Iran, should be enough to make any case on American Imperialism, be it from the democratic party or the republicans. Pathetic.

      1. the issue with Trump’s position on the Hong Kong protests, as I see it anyway, is that he has no position.

        that’s what I was trying to convey here. it’s just like everything else… he doesn’t know enough about it to have a real opinion and doesn’t care to learn, so he just defaults to something he does want/know something about, in this case the trade war

        1. Completely agree H. I know that’s what you meant, and i agree he is incapable of having anything resembling a normal formed view or opinion. What i hope though, is that someone encourages him to be his usual self on these matters of war and peace, and somehow we can avoid wars simply because he is a capricious little man.

  2. In case no one has noticed there is a sense of panic and disbelief in the air regarding economic as well as geopolitical events. The existing world order is going to take a turn to multi- lateralism away from the Hubris laden Unilateralism of the last 40 years….Trump is symptomatic of the kicking and screaming that precedes these events.

    1. Well said George. The global oligarchs know that once the baby bombers are not the dominant voting block they will lose control. The younger generations are less controllable. The hard push and investment of billions by the global entho/theocratic fascist authoritarianist factions is an attempt to flip that script.

      And Anon, seriously funded by American NGOs? You know alt right propaganda websites mostly just spread lies right? Or perhaps you’re under the employ of one of the oligarch factions tasked with spreading the lies. Or maybe you’re easily fooled by Chinese propaganda. But if I was in the shoes of the Hong Kong people I’d have serious issues with the erosion of the protections of a free democracy. The establishment of extradition to the main land is the start of shipping political dissidents from HK to the labor/death camps the Chinese government likes to call “re-education facilities”. I’d be violently protesting that too.

      1. @Hopium Dealer. 🙂 Perhaps i am under the payment of oligarchs but that doesn’t take away the fact that the US has a long history of doing precisely this sort of thing, and much much worse. The fact is that the US is an Imperialistic warmongering country, the model of capitalism that it has, unlike social democracies requires that the US is in constant hunt for securing resources to supply it’s over production and over consumption. Second, i don’t care about democracy or not democracy, i like my thought to be based on science and common sense, all governments are established to serve the interests of those who have against those who don’t. Smith, Hume and Marx are all in agreement as to this point. Democratic governments monarchies or what have you. Whatever freedom democracy affords are eroded by the constant ignorance of the electorate, and the corruption of the ruling class. A country that votes for Bush and Trump, is hardly in a position to dictate to others the form of government they need to have. Third, the idea that anti imperialism or anti interventionism and anti war is a right wing idea is laughable. It is as left as they get. You have no idea what erosion of freedom is, you don’t have a clue. What you read or see in movies i have lived in real life. In my country we used to be jailed just for an innocent comment, just for wearing something that resembled western fashion, you have never been in HK or in China, but with all this you claim to know exactly that “freedoms” are being eroded, because you saw it on CNN, or your congress person some corrupted moron who can’t find China on a map told you so.

    2. You mean, working in concert with other countries to address transnational problems? Yeah, no. Seems to me the exact opposite — retreating behind walls and ethnonationalism — is what is happening.

  3. I object to Warren’s comment. “To the thousands of young people in Hong Kong who are speaking UP for human rights and speaking OUT against the Communist Party of China: we see you waving the American flag, and we hear you singing our national anthem”,

    thats the problem^ its not about America or the US. Its about the Chinese allowing democracy in their tightly regulated domain. I’m certain Xi is cognizant of.

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