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Limit-Up! Long Bond Futures Tripped Circuit Breaker During ‘Crazy’ Wednesday Rally

The fun never stops.

How crazy was the action in the bond market on Wednesday morning when the 2s10s inverted and 30-year yields hit record lows?

Well, that depends on your definition of “crazy”, I suppose, but it’s worth noting that ultra-long futures tripped the extended hours circuit-breaker after rallying three points off the Tuesday close.

The halt came just after 7:30 AM in New York, and was flagged by Bloomberg’s Edward Bolingbroke.

“It certainly helps explain some of the crazy price action”, Bolingbroke remarked, in the course of wondering if stops were triggered.

The record low for 30-year yields was 2.014%. We’ve cheapened a bit since then to ~2.04%. In order to trip the regular hours circuit breaker, yields would need to trade all the way down to 1.90%.

Who knows, we may get there – as alluded to above, nothing seems “crazy” anymore. Especially not in illiquid markets.

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3 comments on “Limit-Up! Long Bond Futures Tripped Circuit Breaker During ‘Crazy’ Wednesday Rally

  1. Anonymous says:

    Still a perfect time for the 4 trillion in QE to be SOLD will they do it? It’s government were talking about here of course not….

    • RStantz says:

      Uh there is the small matter of those upcoming auctions, which will see record offers and a real lack of primary dealer enthusiasm. Ended QT just in time to restart QE

  2. calh0025 says:

    Given all the NO LIQUIDITY in the market right now… I’ve sold off the last of my stocks. I just do not see the CB’s flooding the market with cash fast enough. Helicopter money might come after but I doubt it will come before the real pain hits.

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