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Trump ‘Public Charge’ Rule Penalizes Immigrants For Using Food Stamps, Weaponizes Poverty

Another win for Stephen Miller and his overtly controversial agenda.

Another win for Stephen Miller and his overtly controversial agenda.
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6 comments on “Trump ‘Public Charge’ Rule Penalizes Immigrants For Using Food Stamps, Weaponizes Poverty

  1. This is a complicated and emotionally charged topic, that goes to the heart of social polarity. There are massive amounts of Americans struggling to make ends meet, working 2 or more part time jobs and on the verge of failure. These American citizens all probably count on The Affordable Care Act for Medicaid health insurance and many within this group, who are working make less than $16,000 a year, which doesn’t cover food, rent and cost of living. Some of these citizens have disabilities, some are old and have trouble working long hours — and on average, most of these people probably do need assistance. Then along comes a tsunami of illegal immigrants, who all basically want that same package of entitlements. On one hand, it’s easy to suggest that immigrants should be welcomed, in a traditional, historical context, where these incoming people can contribute to our society, making us better, in many ways. I think the key word there is contribute, versus take. If my aging American parents are struggling financially, after decades of hard work and can barely get financial assistance from Uncle Sam, the matter of offering expansive assistance to an immigrant family as a slap in the face, i.e., many wonder why we don’t take better care of Americans in poverty? I can see that point, yet understand that economic hardships, war, violence, abuse, torture, politics do drive masses of people away from their origins, leaving everything, looking for hope and humanity. I think the frothing trump zealots get stuck in a one dimensional, binary focus, looking at themselves and feel threatened by the realities of demographic changes, where many of them feel drawn to kkk-like survivalism, versus a role to lend those in need, a hand. The polarization of demographics reminds me of something Churchill said: ” … It was the nation and the race dwelling around the globe that had the lion heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar”. Churchill, who had his faults, was a stabilizing voice for the Allies and he communicated thoughts that united people, to fight against Fascism — it’s a voice like that, that is needed today, versus the racist mindlessness of trump the psycho tweeter, the symbolic leader of America — who instead of uniting us, finds daily ways to divide us. We have this complex problem of poverty and immigration and chaotic global commerce, along with massive shifts in demographics, all of which are compounded by movements of refugees, who are looking for help. It is sad that we have an idiot in The White House, but, how is the problem of global inequality and poverty to be contained? I think America is too diversified to fully embrace trump excess and to become a totally authoritarian society. Granted, a civil war would help America weigh its moral views, it’s likely that the diverse population we do have will help balance our thinking and find ways to solve this complex equation, where we can help everyone that needs help — that in itself seems impossible.

  2. Billy Oxygen

    Had we (the good guys) lost the Civil War, would we have won WWI, or WW2? Why Does Stephen Millers picture make me think of the Nazi’s?

  3. Is this just more anti-immigrant policy or is there a real problem with legal immigrants getting social services?

    My understanding is that legal immigrants are already restricted in their ability to use social services like SNAP……only certain limited categories are eligible.

    Somehow, I doubt if this is about the money.

  4. This unAmerican predatory Orwellian maggot that is Stephen “The Eugenecist” Miller – soulless, perfidious, sociopathic, and gratuitously cruel – is the reason God invented cancer; here’s to putting on my sanctimonious Christ_Inanity megachurch “prayers to smite our enemies” hat! That applies even moreso to perfidious uber-predator, Orangehole: a protracted and pernicious terminal disease decimating the degenerate despot . What a just punishment: a debilitating public sapping of the serial meta-raping “strong leader” (and the attendant psychotic sewage emanating from his Apollyon’s pit of a maw as he degenerates!)

  5. I wonder: what’s the drain on the public purse of immigrants using public assistance vs red-state, Trump-voting Americans?
    I have a feeling that answer might be interesting. And don’t forget, we can now include the farmer handouts in that total

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