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‘God Bless Those Who Perished In Toledo’: Trump Names Wrong City In Botched Mass Shooting Address

"We will always win".

"We will always win".
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6 comments on “‘God Bless Those Who Perished In Toledo’: Trump Names Wrong City In Botched Mass Shooting Address

  1. jamaican

    It shows just how little he cares.
    What’s even worse, his supporters will either
    a) ignore it or
    b) (the really crazy ones) spin some Q-inspired conspiracy theory about Toledo being the place of the “great awakening” or whatever.

  2. TokyoSand

    When someone doesn’t care, it shows.

  3. botterpill

    In it, Ron Reagan describes his growing sense of alarm over his father’s mental condition, beginning as early as three years into his first term. He recalls the presidential debate with Walter Mondale on 7 October 1984.

    “My heart sank as he floundered his way through his responses, fumbling with his notes, uncharacteristically lost for words. He looked tired and bewildered,” Ron Reagan writes.

    Against that is the word of Michael Reagan, who was adopted by the president and his first wife, Jane Wyman. His book The New Reagan Revolution, is an appeal for a return to his father’s political principles of low taxes and small government as a way to making America great again.

    Their father’s mannerisms while in office – including stumbling over his words, his occasional falling asleep in public, his weak memory – led to much speculation about how early on dementia had set in. The New York Times medical writer Larry Altman even raised the question with Reagan during an interview in 1980 just before he entered the White House. Reagan said he would quit if he developed Alzheimer’s while in office.


  4. What an arrant sociopathic scumbag.

    Clearly this mentally incompetent (but brilliant genetic-level predatory) grifter is bereft of any vestige of empathy; any access to the spectrum of he most basic human compassion and – worse – cognizance of its actual meaning or feeling. He’s a monstrously megalomaniacal brutish parasite and his perfidy is second only to his mirror-whoring self deification.

    The inclination to indict his utter absence of even a hardened criminal’s understanding of social interactions as the main problem is naive – and terrifying in the implication: beyond an implacable panoply of recreant existential menace and meta rape, he’s fundamentally stupid.

    What a fucking menace in virtually every way. He’s a DSM5-infested; just this side of intellectual retardation; implacably (and perhaps literally) solipsistic; and disgustingly, is representative of the large minority of trumpFilth savagery that still skulks hatefully about America’s modern iterations.

    What a scumbag – he metaphorically, verbally, politically, and psycho emotionally shit all over those wretchedly bereaved victims and our Nation.

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