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Trump Torched By AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley In Blistering Capitol Hill Presser

"It is time for us to stop allowing this president to make a mockery of our constitution".

"It is time for us to stop allowing this president to make a mockery of our constitution".
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14 comments on “Trump Torched By AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley In Blistering Capitol Hill Presser

  1. mfn says:

    Hear, hear. Trump is manifestly unfit to hold the office of President of the United States. Impeachment now.

    • Rcohn says:

      Trumps tweets qualify as “high crimes and misdemeanors”?
      Or are you the only one qualified to determine that he is psychologically /mentally unable to hold office

  2. Hey Mitch… you want to take that call?? Something to do with getting rid of that a’hole that thinks he’s a president, No?? Who owns you Mitch?? Special Interests, gun lobby?? How about a foreign dictator?? Or are you a racist too?? Remember that oath you took when you became a Senator… something about serving the best interests of the people and America?? Guess you’ve forgotten. It was a long time ago. John McCain never forgot. But then he had class. Damn , we miss the good ones.

  3. Rcohn says:

    Look at all of the polls, taken by the Democratic Party. These 4 Congresswomen are universally unpopular , even in their own districts.
    Before this incident Speaker Pelosi was trying to handle an insurrection in her own party, resulting from comments made by these 4 women.
    I doubt very much if Trump made these comments off the cuff. They were planned to elicit a Democratic response backing these women and to associate
    the Democratic Party with the attitudes and policies of the far left

    • the vast majority of what these four women have said is 100% true. that it makes people uncomfortable is just too damn bad. it’s highly amusing that Trump can flat out lie about everything from the economy to his own height and weight, and yet that’s absolutely fine, even when his lies are incendiary. these women tell the truth about capitalism and all manner of other issues (do note that much of what Omar says about the undue influence of the Israel lobby on US politics is unequivocally true) and yet they’re demonized by a party (the GOP) which, let’s face it, is nothing more than a religious personality cult that is now spreading and perpetuating a truly abhorrent, xenophobic message that has no place in any modern society, let alone a multicultural society like the US. hell, even Boris Johnson called Trump’s latest insanity totally unacceptable. the bottom line is, capitalism has created vast inequality and Trump’s base is, in many cases, a victim of capitalism, not a beneficiary. just take a look at one of his rallies or look at the education profile of his supporters. they are the people that AOC’s policies would help, for God’s sakes. How can you (or anybody else for that matter), not see that? Pelosi needs to resign. point, blank period. she’s been an abject failure this time around. these women are the future of the party. Pelosi is a relic and she looks more and more hapless by the day. and you don’t have to be AOC or Ilhan to know it. Just ask Jerry Nadler. He’ll tell you the same thing. finally, the reason for the “unpopular” bit is because Americans are, in general, too stupid to understand the policies and so blind to the fact that capitalism is the reason they have to work two jobs to survive. Americans are brainwashed.

      • I would also add that they can’t be too damn unpopular, considering two of them are literal celebrities. those polls ask leading questions that are clearly distorting the results, and that’s assuming you believe them in the first place, which is probably a dubious proposition. it’s funny that Trump would cite internal party polls and/or public polls when denigrating AOC considering he last month fired his own internal pollsters because they showed him losing to literally all of the top 5 Democratic presidential candidates. just today, he complained about the public polls on Twitter (go read his tweets). and yet somehow, those same polls (and polling methods) are totally worth his time to cite when it comes to his rivals. How, exactly, do you square that circle? I guess that’s like how the stock market was “a big fat ugly bubble” under Obama and Yellen was “doing political things”, but now, a stock market bubble inflated by a Fed that’s being encouraged to adopt an openly/explicit political mandate is just fine since he’s president. or how, the very same BLS jobs market data was “fake” under Obama, but now that same BLS data is very real because he’s President.

    • radioman says:

      ummm….they were elected, in their own district. You have a problem with that| and their voters?
      They have 4 votes in the House.
      That fact that they are a pain in the ass for Pelosi is her problem.
      Of course Trump, the master persuader took advantage of the rookies.

    • Harvey Darrow Cotton says:

      There was an Axios poll of 1,000 whites with two years or less of college education. Among that arbitrary sample, leaked by anonymous Democrats, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocosio-Cortez had very low levels of support. Okay. How was that determined? What were the questions asked? What was the methodology? Who knows. But I do know whites with less than two years of college education do not accurately represent the four districts A.O.C., Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib won. I know The Washington Examiner and The Blaze are the two outfits trumpeting the results of this poll the hardest. I know that whites with two years or less of college education are, basically, Trump’s base.

      If you have polling showing their level of support in their districts, do please share. Citation, please. The fact that these four women are Justice Democrats who do not take corporate PAC money, eschew traditional pollsters, big money donors, and consultants has NOTHING to do with the Trump / Pelosi coordinated attack, but please source and verify instead of regurgitating headlines.

      • yeah, that Axios story is what i was talking about. somebody in the Democratic party leaked that on purpose with all kinds of malice. and my contention continues to be that when all of the questions about AOC are framed in terms of “Do you like socialism” or “Do you have a favorable view of capitalism”, etc. etc., of course the results are going to look bad for AOC.

        what might be better is to ask the questions like Bernie asks them when he’s talking to hostile voters. Like: “Who here would like free health insurance?” And “Who here would be willing to pay XYZ more % on their taxes if it meant that you paid nothing for health insurance and your kids got free college?” Etc. etc.

        it’s all in how you ask the questions and, to me, it seems like her own party is trying to sabotage her

        • but my overarching point with AOC and Omar and Tlaib and Pressley is that they are genuine (or at least as far as anyone knows right now they are). they want to help and they believe in what they’re saying. it’s pretty clear they would give anybody the shirts off their backs. The GOP, on the other hand, is the opposite of that. They are disingenuous and self-interested. That was tolerable right up until they gave up fiscal responsibility (which they were never really interested in anyway, only when it suited them) and then, most recently, sold their souls to a reality TV show host. now, the GOP is pretty clearly irredeemable. i mean, Republicans are now ballooning the deficit, running up the national debt, demanding more monetary easing, subsidizing domestic industries (which, ironically, is kinda, sorta communist-ish) and arguing against free trade. i don’t see what there is to like with the GOP anymore. there’s no there there, so to speak

          • Rcohn says:

            Stalin and Maduro were/are also very genuine and may I add very effective.
            BOTH parties are fiscally highly irresponsible and have been so for years.And we have hardly had free trade,;much more like corporate managed trade , which has sent millions of jobs overseas while massively increasing their profit margins.
            You very well may be correct that there is little to like with the GOP today, so let’s look at California , where the Democrats control the governor , both state houses and most towns and cities.
            Probably the largest inequality of wealth in the country. Housing prices so high that pods are being built to rent for $1,200/ month and dormitories for public school teachers are being proposed.
            A hypocritical attitude of those most affluent in backing immigration and housing for the homeless , while also having strong NIMBY.
            All major cities are sanctuary cities , which has chosen to selectively not enforce Federal laws, while at the same time gladly accepting Federal monies.
            Highways of 8 lanes each way where rush hour can easily last 5 hours.Why is there such horrendous traffic?
            Simple, too many people and cars.

            Outbreaks of medieval diseases due to overcrowding and lack of insect and rodent control , yet encouragement of more and and more immigration.
            Feces maps in SF due to a housing problem , closing of mental institutions and distribution of free needles.
            The decision to make crimes such as breaking into cars and petty theft into misdemeanors with no penalty of jail.
            The encouragement of LGBT lifestyles by teaching them in public schools.Many people like me feel that LGBT citizens should have the same rights as everyone else , yet abhor the teaching of such lifestyles in the public school.
            More and more parts of LA are almost to the point of being uninhabitable because of overcrowding, yet many Democrats are encouraging policies which are tantamount to open borders.
            State gas taxes at the second highest in the country and the top income tax rate in the country.Motor vehicles fees the highest in the country.
            If you think that the Republicans are incompetent ,corrupt and dishonest , you probably are right , but I would argue that California is the model for Democratic control. Watch out what you wish for!

        • Bob says:

          It reminds me of a time I was called by a pollster and asked if I would answer a few political questions. I asked if the questions were going to be leading questions that would skew the results. He chuckled and said I guess that is a no.

  4. Harvey Darrow Cotton says:

    Democrats rather lose to Republicans than win being led by Progressives. The Pelosis and Schumers of the world are literally paid losers. They are selected by the donor class to be weak and accommodating to Republicans. If Democrats lose, the pollsters and consultants still get paid. If Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, etc. win, the gravy train stops. They are financed by small donors, and have to follow the needs of their constituents (gasp!). If the Establishment Democrats are not broken and Trump wins a second or third term, a split will come.

  5. monkfelonious says:

    It’s clear to me that demographics are gonna take care of this. Me, boomer, is on the glide path to irrelevance. We are the dildo generation; fake. Our descendants know this and are becoming armed.

    Fritz Perls (of Gestalt fame) said it best – “we get what we resist.”

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