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What If Trump Really Won’t Leave? Congress Quietly Ponders ‘Science Fiction’ Scenario

You were warned.

You were warned.
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17 comments on “What If Trump Really Won’t Leave? Congress Quietly Ponders ‘Science Fiction’ Scenario

  1. Notice how the tensions with Iran have erased any mention of any and all of the above H observations from the media? Part of the crazy fox strategy?

  2. Maybe I am naïve…..but let’s go ahead and try to get this guy out of the WH in 2020……
    before we start worrying about whether he will contest the election.

    I don’t see any advantage in thinking he might not honor the election…….unless you think it is
    a good idea to have people think that how they vote won’t matter.

    There are already far too many people who think voting is a useless exercise.

  3. You can trace this bizarre situation back arguably to the failure of Campaign Finance reform which in a sense was a proposal in reaction to the plight of the middle class who was disenfranchised by both parties following the outsourcing of their jobs and the collapse of labor movements as a result… It open the door to Big money and special interests exerting influence on Government…..By now this reality is all but painted over as the Base has decided to support a Charlatan .

  4. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    There is no ‘system’ in place. No mechanism. It is based on tradition after John Adams voluntarily conceded after having lost to Thomas Jefferson. It is like Congress having the power of the purse or having a say in declarations of war or being able to enforce subpoenas or contempt charges. It is like having a Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Amendment in a post-Patriot Act surveillance State. It is like having freedom of the press after the Espionage Act. It is like having equal protection with a two-tiered justice system or a President who is literally above the law. These are all opinions based on norms and mores that can be changed with the right five Supremes or 1/3 of Congress held by MAGAs.

  5. I think the more likely scenario is that he promotes a hand-picked successor–specifically Don Jr–rather then attempting a third term. Still, I guess anything is possible. that said, the supreme Court would never agree to swear in a president for a third term considering that the constitution specifically limits the presidency to two terms.

  6. So let’s say , thank God, Trump loses. In this case, in all probability, to a Democrat. The Secret Service immediately starts protection of the new President elect. Trump will have the full Secret Service protection until the new President is sworn in and then he loses the full protection to the past president level of protection. There’s no way the Secret Service is going to protect Trump’s claim to remaining in the White House against the Secret Service setting up the new President in the White House. he will be moved out. Once he’s out, no matter what nonsensical argument he uses, there will be a huge tide to go up against for him to even have a chance at reclaiming the presidency.

    my thoughts.

  7. Anonymous

    With banana republic debt, I guess our fate is in the hands of the military, just like a few other places on this planet.

  8. I saw a sign in a bookstore window in Fowey, England last week:

    “Post-apocalyptic literature has been moved to the current events section.”

  9. Anonymous

    The very fact that anyone is having this conversation in the first place is proof that TDS is real and a lot of otherwise smart people are seriously affected.

    Of course, nobody would play along. Not the Supreme Court, not the Congress (democratic Senate especially but not House either), not the military. No one.

    • you sure about that? do you know how many times history has proven that very same assumption to be wholly wrong?

      • Anonymous

        Which of the historical precedents would you describe as the closes analog to our society?

        • that’s a great question. in fact, that’s really the question. you could be completely right that suddenly, everybody would all stand up at once and say “enough is enough”. but my point is that so far, that hasn’t happened. and although he’s said he won’t serve more than two terms on a couple of occasions, he’s said that he might or that he will on at least a half-dozen occasions. when defending him, Trump fans always say “he’s just doing what he said he was going to do!” Ok, well then why shouldn’t we take him seriously when he says he may serve five terms? Wouldn’t that be just “doing what he said he was going to do?” After all, those words came out of his month, on TV, at a rally, in front of thousands of people.

          • Anonymous

            Anyone who pays any attention (and I know you pay a lot more attention than most) knows that the guy is talking out of his ass half of the time, if I’m generous. You know very well that such concepts as truth, honesty etc. have little or no meaning for him and certainly have no bearing on what he says and does. He says what he feels is best serving his interests tactically and locally – at the given moment in time for the target audience. I’m sure you could remember a lot of things that he said in front of TV, at his rallies or otherwise, that nobody (but especially his base) holds him accountable for. Given the above, it completely boggles my mind why you choose to take this specific brain fart seriously. He is many things (most of them aren’t good) but he’s not an idiot his enemies imagine him to be. He knows very well that he won’t be supported by most people who matter. There is no other possible outcome. And even if there were, the consequences of trying the coup and losing would be so great that there is zero chance that he takes the risk.

  10. PaulMIller

    I remember my first political “ghost story” well: I was about 8 years old when Ike ran against Stevenson in 1956, and another kid in my class told me “if Stevenson gets elected, he’ll make us go to school on Saturday”. I went home in tears, begging Mom and Dad to vote for Ike. Fortunately, Stevenson was defeated, and the rest is history.

    Now we hear that Congress is concerned that Trump will not leave office if defeated. He would not leave office even if he weren’t on the ballot in 2024, for goodness sakes! It might be worse than that: He might require kids to go to school on Saturday.

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