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China’s Monday Meltdown In Pictures

"Rough day" doesn't quite capture it.

"Rough day" doesn't quite capture it.
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4 comments on “China’s Monday Meltdown In Pictures

  1. Anonymous

    Why can’t US markets have down days like that?
    The PPT, market manipulation, the Fed? Yes, yes & definitely YES

    • No, no and definitely no.

      Literally none of what you said there is true. If you know anything about Mainland Chinese markets, you know exactly why it has down days like that.

      You’re trafficking in conspiracy theories.

    • This is no big deal…. The “Orange One ” just yelled fire in a crowded theater after the media had spun this trade deal as a sure thing after month of positive spin. Everyone is on the same side of the boat and now will come the False Alarm signal….Will take about three trading days to settle down but systemic issues remain …Be warned..!!

  2. I disagree that it came of left field…Pyongyang is stepping out of its box again and the Orangeman doesn’t have any other levers to pull…expect a cyber event in the near future…

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