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Trump Tells Khalifa Haftar He Can Be King Of Libya, Or Whatever…

"What would be a big mistake"...

You’ve got to get all the parties at the table. What would be a big mistake is to back one group over the other. That's what Lindsey Graham told Bloomberg in an interview following reports that Donald Trump (and, apparently, John Bolton) secretly threw their support behind Khalifa Haftar's assault on Tripoli. What we know so far is that both Trump and Bolton implicitly (or, more likely, explicitly) gave Haftar America's blessing to depose Libya's UN-backed government during a pair of phone calls this month. Haftar once lived in the US and is/was an American intelligence asset. Why would Trump and Bolton openly throw America's support behind the strongman? Well, a simple read is that Trump is taking cues (here a euphemism for "orders") from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi who, you'll note, this week secured the kind of expanded powers and extended term (he'll now rule until at least 2030) that Trump would doubtlessly procure for himself if there were a way around the US constitution. Trump has variously praised el-Sisi in the same manner and with the same disconcerting deference he shows to other authoritarians. In his meeting with Trump earlier this month, el-Sisi enc
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7 comments on “Trump Tells Khalifa Haftar He Can Be King Of Libya, Or Whatever…

  1. Bishop Peter O'Hardon says:

    Can the Tump Tripoli Hotel be far behind?

  2. George says:

    Haftar is a CIA asset for 15 years

  3. Curt Tyner says:

    Well at least Bolton din’t want to become Viceroy. Another strongman controlled by our neo-con war mongers what ?????? could possibly go wrong.

  4. Harvey Cotton says:

    According to Anas el Gomati during an interview with Democracy Now, Haftar joined the coup against King Idris and sided with Muammar Gaddafi in 1969, defected in 1986 during the war against Chad, joined the C.I.A., joined a Libyan opposition group in 1987, defected and joined ANOTHER Libyan opposition group in 1992, defected from them and reconciled with Gaddafi in 2004, reneged, joined the opposition that overthrew Gaddafi in 2011, bombed Parliament and launched two coups in 2014, and backed out of a U.N.-formed unity government in 2017.

    Trump will love him.

  5. jamaican says:

    Unless of course, there is another spike in crude prices due to Libyan production outages.
    Then he will be “heinous Haftar”, the “low-IQ individuel” (spelling mistakes on purpose, because 5D-chess 🙂

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