Meanwhile, In Italy…

Meanwhile, In Italy…

Nobody could have seen this coming! Well, "nobody" except for all the economists polled by Bloomberg, because their consensus forecast for Italy's economy now lines up with the outlook of the Italian Treasury by virtue of the latter's assessment catching down to reality. According to "two senior officials" familiar with the Treasury's draft outlook, the Italian economy will grow by just 0.1% in 2019, a sharp downward revision from the previous forecast of a 1% expansion. "Naturally", the budge
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3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Italy…

  1. Insanity is what you are talking about here, just fake news to mess up the italian goverment, in particular Mr Salvini. He is doing his job very well, and in relation to the illegal invaders, they should know that the solution lies in the affected regions in Africa but not in Italy. Italy cannot be the new home for millions of people in need.
    You mentioned about “five dozen of refugees” and you should know by now that these are the small quantities that arrive in boats continuously and that it adds up gradually until Italy now has more than 800,000 refugees in the country. Do not talk nonsense.

    1. “Mr. Salvini” is a racist and a xenophobe. Everyone with any sense knows that, and he’s “doing his job” so “very well” that he managed to get himself investigated for kidnapping and abuse of power last year. Or is that just “fake news” too?

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