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Democrats To Subpoena Trump Tower Phone Records

Adam Schiff moves fast.

Adam Schiff moves fast.
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3 comments on “Democrats To Subpoena Trump Tower Phone Records

  1. geesh, from his guilty behavior it seems he is shocked that he can be investigated at all — he thought as King he had reached the pinnacle of his criminal career. He needs to relax and go with the flow — this is only day 1. 😎

  2. And yet, did you all not find it extraordinary that Aaron Burr’s kin had effectively concluded that, after his two year Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia-Trump investigation he/they have yet to find evidence of collusion between Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Kremlin?! Is this man off his rocker? Even Rudy doesn’t have the unmitigated audacity to offer up that tripe!!


    • Ha! Well, he’s an idiot! But he has far more to fear from his buddy Repubs if he reported anything less than his upcoming bullshit report. He clearly has no regard that Aaron Burr could be flipping in his grave. So, I was ready for another cuppacoffee and checked on Aaron’s life at Wiki and soon was mesmerized with his story!

      All I really knew about him was the famous duel when he killed Hamilton. Perhaps this NC clown Richard Burr is actually cut from the same cloth; read this: “By the conclusion of his trial for treason, despite an acquittal, all of Burr’s hopes for a political comeback had been dashed, and he fled America and his creditors for Europe. Dr. David Hosack, Hamilton’s physician and a friend to both Hamilton and Burr, loaned Burr money for passage on a ship.”

      It is an amazing story! (he was an atheist) (Burr advocated education for women, he also submitted a bill to allow women to vote) (frequent patron of prostitutes) (unsuccessfully sought to abolish slavery) Oh, and get this one — “Hamilton thought that Burr’s self-serving nature made him unfit to hold office, especially the presidency”. Now, who does that sound like??! hahaha!

      Thanks Marty, for dropping the bread crumbs that led me there!

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