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Trump, Machines And Markets: A Willing Suspension Of Disbelief

"Deal with it."

"Deal with it."
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4 comments on “Trump, Machines And Markets: A Willing Suspension Of Disbelief

  1. George says:

    Like you H…. Poly-Sci background .Penchant to anonymous and hermit lifestyle. Explanation of the ‘Trump thing’ a lot simpler than what you muse . I speculate the Political system has developed an inability to offer valid choices as pertains to candidates. The two parties have moved closer together funding being the driving motivation and Special Interest Groups the funding source.
    Due to the lack of choices the electorate chose the brassy(seemingly) non- conforming Trump to the tainted Clinton. Funding was not an issue on either part, Americans in Trumps base admired the outspoken message because that is to some extent is their view of themselves and of the world they are used to and want to live in…Trouble is the rest of the World is tired of the message and that is REALITY going forward. Depending how all this turns out on the intermediate term maybe we will see a new World Order that accepts the challenges that are common to all. We live in interesting times!!

  2. monkfelonious says:

    BEST POST EVER. Too bad you’re off SA because the chipmunks over there would probably get you the highest comment rating ever. Not meant to be a blow job, but I consider you the Lucian Truscott of financial commentary. Never encountered anyone like you what with the way you play.

  3. gliderboy says:

    Trump has lost it with a dozen tweets a day demanding Congress fund his “paid for by Mexico” wall. But out of his madness does come some uncommon sense. There is no logic to declaring “decorated Generals” are a good source to justify 18 years of futility in Afghanistan, and maintaining an illegal war in Syria to fight ISIS that were originally funded by the CIA to overthrow Assad in the first place, and is now be fought by Syria and their Allie Russia. Those assholes were installed to do that job and naturally support it. Generals with more sense were fired. Trillions down the toilet for listening to these neo-con imbeciles! Both are bullshit perpetual wars, and Trump has now shown Democrats to be sold out vacant MIC servants, with their knee jerk warmongering. The chaos here is the lack of viable solution apart from Trump with all his baggage.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was greed, pure and simple. I fell prey to it.
    My reaction when Trump got elected was that he would wreck the market. When it instead it kept going up I thought Trump supporters understood something that I did not.

    There was stuff like this out there:


    So yes, I did suspend disbelief, until I found your posts on SA. Saved me from being in a much worse mess.

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