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Trump Isn’t Considering Jared Kushner For Chief Of Staff, Ok?!

It's just "fake news", right?

It's just "fake news", right?
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3 comments on “Trump Isn’t Considering Jared Kushner For Chief Of Staff, Ok?!

  1. Regarding the search for a new Presidential chief-of-staff, Trevor Noah observed that Trump can’t find any Americans who want to do that kind of work. He will have to hire a Mexican.

  2. Of course undocumented and in return the person will be given citizenship as long as he presses for a wall ……………

    Seriously how did America not see this coming????

    Maybe Kasich or Bush couldn’t have defeated HRC but this was the worst choice some of the country could have made.

    If it wasn’t so SAD!! it would be comical. Not only is it reality tv it is really bad reality tv.

    And for all the conservatives out there T is NOT a conservative!!!!

  3. Hey, I want the job. I have always wanted to live in Washington DC and I have a PhD in clinical psychology, which is a perspective desperately needed in that office. But darn I heard Jose Conseco applied on Twitter ahead of me so I guess I don’t have a chance.

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