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January All Over Again?

Back to the "melt-up".

Back to the "melt-up".
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1 comment on “January All Over Again?

  1. 40,000 headmen

    I am reposting a reply I made to you in the comments section of the article “I Drink Your Milkshake” on SA since you may not be dealing with that article anymore.

    I think that “TINA” will soon morph into “TANGO” (There Are No Good Options). BTW, on a purely political and sardonic note, I sent a suggestion into SNL to open the new season with Alec Baldwin posing as ‘MC Trump’ offering up a series of non-exculpatory excuses for his treasonous conduct done to the tune of “Can’t Touch This”. The ‘Hammer Garb’ that ‘MC Trump’ would be wearing would only be revealed when he stood up from behind the desk. What do you think?

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