FEMA Chief Brock Long Suggests Puerto Ricans Beat Their Wives To Death After Hurricane Maria

"Spousal abuse goes through the roof."

"Spousal abuse goes through the roof."
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5 comments on “FEMA Chief Brock Long Suggests Puerto Ricans Beat Their Wives To Death After Hurricane Maria

  1. I’m waiting on what Amanda Long has to say about this.

  2. 2 words. Best People.

  3. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Another one the Secret New York Times Resistance let slip through the cracks…

  4. When Trump spoke about the best people, he was describing those who would either emulate or be the direct descendants of those filled the ranks of the HJ from 1933 until 1945. Since January 2017 the best people have fulfilled Trump’s every expectation.


    • Hey Marty, very chilling reading at Wiki. How do we get this man out of our White House?

      The majority of this country sit and watch in shock and disbelief, waiting and watching for the Congress to “do something” – and every day it just gets worse and we learn more that is happening and we just get more angry but yet we still wait. It’s the shock that this is happening in America. it’s the anger that Congress does nothing to stop him while there is fairly clear data that he is not fit for the job.

      Then there is that jerk Pence in there, thanks to Manafort. He’s useless to step up and halt this mess. We all sit and abide by the rules and protocol while no one in the WH is following the rules nor doing their sworn duties to put this country above all else. So we just sit here watching this happen because we don’t have a rule book that has an answer to “now what?” The long term damage to America is staggering. His actions will eventually get people killed, maybe sooner than we know.

      So, what are we to do now?

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