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Don McGahn, White House Counsel, To Be Replaced By Clinton Impeachment Lawyer

Don McGahn's job is done here.

Don McGahn's job is done here. Back in March, reports suggested that White House Counsel Don McGahn would likely step down by the end on the year. At the time, Politico noted that McGahn’s resignation was "contingent on the president finding a replacement and several other factors." Well, to the extent that decision had been delayed, it was likely expedited this month after the New York Times detailed some 30 hours of conversations Don had with Robert Mueller. As it turns out, McGahn was initially bemused at the strategy of former Trump attorneys John Dowd and Ty Cobb who advocated for a transparent approach to dealing with the special counsel investigation. Lacking a plausible explanation for what he and his attorney believed to be a foolhardy strategy, McGahn assumed he was being set up to take the fall for obstruction. So, in an effort to inoculate himself, the White House counsel told Mueller’s team everything he knew about key events including, but no limited to, the firing of James Comey, Trump’s efforts to pressure Jeff Sessions and, importantly, the President’s alleged attempts to fire Mueller himself. That latter effort (the attempt to fire Mueller) prompt
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3 comments on “Don McGahn, White House Counsel, To Be Replaced By Clinton Impeachment Lawyer

  1. Murphy says:

    Why is is OK for the White House lawyer to protect a criminal president?

  2. Seabright says:

    I look forward to reading the Heisenberg report. Your writing is succinct, well researched with just the right amount of satire. Carry on.

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