Trump Has Saturday Meltdown: Accuses Amazon Of Running A ‘Scam’, Demands WaPo Register As Lobbyist

Listen, I don’t know what “subject” you’re “on” this morning, but Donald Trump is going to go ahead and assume you’re talking about Amazon and the Washington Post and the Post Office with your family and friends, because he woke up and tweeted this:


You’ve got to love how he starts that – “while we are on the subject.” He’s going to pretend like you brought this up on Saturday morning.

He continued:


You’re reminded that this flared up again last week when Axios reported that according to sources, Trump is becoming even more “obsessed” with Amazon than usual and now wants to “go after it”. The Axios story hit Amazon’s shares pretty hard  – they ended up falling more than 3% for the second week in a row.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempted to downplay concerns in her Thursday press briefing after Trump took to Twitter that morning to tweet about Bezos using the postal service as his “delivery boy“:


Too bad there isn’t a press briefing today. We’d love to see someone ask Sanders to clarify this morning’s tweets.

Just to reiterate, although Trump would pitch this effort as something that’s designed to help “everyday” small business owners avoid falling into the Bezos black hole, his motivation is first and foremost tied to his personal vendetta against “the AmazonWashingtonPost” (as he calls it when he’s ranting on Twitter) and secondarily related to complaints from rich people. Here’s Axios:

Trump’s wealthy friends tell him Amazon is destroying their businesses. His real estate buddies tell him – and he agrees – that Amazon is killing shopping malls and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Never mind the fact that, as Axios goes on to note, multiple people have tried to explain to him that his take on the company isn’t entirely accurate. Again, he’s not concerned with that. He’s concerned with his grudge against WaPo and to see that, all you have to do is take a look at his Amazon Twitter history.

Clearly, all of this is egregious. I assume readers know that, but just in case, consider what kind of precedent this sets.

As we’re always fond of reminding you, perhaps the most hilarious thing about this is that if you look back at 5+ years of Trump’s Amazon tweets, you’ll discover that he’s actually a big Bezos fan — as long as Bezos is selling Trump’s book, which is “a great gift idea that’s easy to order on Amazon”:


So basically, if you’re looking for a used copy of “Time To Get Tough,” then by all means go and buy one on Amazon. Other than that, Trump thinks “fuck Amazon” is way to go.


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5 thoughts on “Trump Has Saturday Meltdown: Accuses Amazon Of Running A ‘Scam’, Demands WaPo Register As Lobbyist

  1. Another diatribe into an isolated topic meant to distract the public and raise questions, doubt, and fear. It’s all about headlines and Trump the saviour coming to the rescue! Not facts, discussion or substance. 3 more years…..are we there yet?

  2. The EPA and it’s assh*le Director is literally killing what’s left of our planet and the whole USA is “For Sale” and Our “Liar in Chief” bad mouth’s the P.O. and Bezos and is slapped down by The Wall Street Journal. Probably the whole fu*king editorial board has Amazon shares. Your goddamn right are we there yet,

    Impeach this fool today. The planet is crying and Rome is burning…….

  3. Your political leanings aside, Amazon is a crony capitalist company which is the beneficiary of a huge government subsidy (I estimated it at $1.4B a year, Trump says it is $2.6B) which is delivering its packages over the last mile at well below cost. Why is Amazon the only company which is getting this subsidy? Why not Wal-Mart or Target or Costco or Sam’s club or Mom&Pop shop. They are all within shouting distance of a local post office and could easily set-up a drop-ship operation to deliver their goods to your doorstep. But currently the same deal is not available to them; hmm why is that? You know the reason why, and it is about who Bezo’s supported in the last election, and how he managed to get the sweetheart deal. But this deal is about to go away, and with it, a huge part of Amazon’s enterprise valuation.

    So, let’s stop playing like someone has the moral high ground here. At least Trump is not talking about giving out corporate welfare; he is talking about removing it. What he is doing is pushing companies to get their production of goods back on U.S. soil, so that more people can work at better paying jobs in order have the ability to pay for the goods they buy without having to purchase them through a government subsidized entity.

    1. Serious IDtenT here… Amazon has MULTIPLE shipping channels. All negotiated and profitable for both carrier and Amazon. If Amazon pulls out of existing contract, the USPO will be in serious trouble and we the public can expect 10C postage increases to TRY and make up for the Letter deficit and package delivery has been sustaining for years with its growth. The USPO is a money sink, for LETTER delivery which is down and costs are up, Package delivery is growing and not just from Amazon, from many online retailers.
      Anyone who imagines stepping back to an earlier time doesn’t know the FIRST LAW of business economics, Adapt or die! The majority of ‘failing’ businesses being laid at Amazon’s doorstep were doomed to fail anyway. If not Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes or any ‘big box’ store could be to blame. Walmart endured the same ‘dread’ in the 70’s and 80’s… What are they doing now, they are adapting to a changing landscape, ramping up their online presence and competition to Amazon. THEY are ADAPTING!.
      Railroads saw the same freight decline with increase of container trucking.
      Steel mills ‘failed’ as they didn’t update to modern system.. they milked their cow until it died, then walked away instead of planning on upgrade and modern production.
      Nothing new here folks, other than a IDtenT in Chief using populist smoke screening.

      1. EXACTLY! good job! Btw, the companies that make or made typewriters when I was a kid, what are they doing these days? And all those Kodak pocket cameras … I guess Walgreens still develops camera film, right?? Those Kodak huts in parking lots have been gone for years. Polaroid with their instant print cameras? And btw, most of my orders to Amazon are shipped via Fed Ex and then Fed Ex hands them off to USPS for final delivery — and I have complained to Amazon and asked them to stop doing that because USPS does a really crappy job of pkg delivery! One more thing would be that I don’t remember the last time I mailed anything — typically pay bills via computer and any correspondence via emails. All the money I am saving on postage and gas I now spend on more chocolates! 🙂

        Keep up or shut it down!

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