Trump Shatters Own Record For Sheer Amount Of Batshit In One 24 Hour Period

A Dennison special, to be sure.

A Dennison special, to be sure.
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4 comments on “Trump Shatters Own Record For Sheer Amount Of Batshit In One 24 Hour Period

  1. President Shit-for-Brains wants to execute drug dealers? Okay let’s start with the Sacklers family and their privately held company, Purdue Pharma, and lets throw-in for good measure, the pain clinics, sleazy doctors, and crooked drug distributors. Chris Rock was right, the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest drug pushers in America.

  2. OK, that was …er…well….sh*t….oh man ………completely unhinged. Meds? Straight jacket? This person should be locked up in a rubber room, he is crazy.
    The republican party is sham, this is your guy and you look just as insane as he is. This will end bigly bad.

  3. Pence has the power to step in — chickenshit. So when this ship sinks, we will not forget what a coward Pence was and he will be out of a job too. Congress has the power as well. Those repubs will pay in November. If this was truly being run as a business — which is what trump said he would do because, well you know, because he said he was so good at running a business — the CEO would be fired. Once we are past this, there needs to be some new rules that will hold the president from all the power he currently has and by the will of the people, the president can be removed – same for non-compliant members of congress. They will all do their job to work for the good of the country or they will be removed.

    Marty, get busy and start working on writing those documents! 🙂

  4. Murphy, I’m not persuaded that we need a new set of documents. The documents written in the later part of the 18th century with subsequent amendments have served us quite well. The rules of process set forth in any document can be corrupted by those who seek to undermine the documents or ignore them.

    From what I observe, the problem rests with the American voting public that fail to vote or all too often vote for the worst of the worst (e.g., Roy Moore); by the wealthy who now control elected officials; and with people exemplified by Rupert Murdoch who operates a propaganda machine that intentionally tears at the foundation of all that’s good and decent about those documents and American values and supports Trump, the Chinese and the Russians in their efforts to bring an end to a free America and bring it within the Axis powers.

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