Trump Says ‘Trump’ Vindicated By Memo, Blasts ‘American Disgrace’, Talks About ‘Sacred Cows’

"Oh well, someday!"

"Oh well, someday!"
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4 comments on “Trump Says ‘Trump’ Vindicated By Memo, Blasts ‘American Disgrace’, Talks About ‘Sacred Cows’

  1. Bix Rasmadigan

    Might be best for Heisenberg to stick to finance. There is enough talking head blabber in the ecosystem already. No one really gives a shit about your political leanings….

    • yeah well unfortunately for you, Heisenberg is a trained political scientist with the degrees (plural) to back it up. also unfortunate for you is that Heisenberg decides what Heisenberg writes. So, it “might be best” if you just shut the fuck up.

      • … forgot to mention you were trained in the law … for one year before you wised up …

  2. Well. Let me get this out of my system first — could one of trump’s caretakers please review his tweets to the citizens of the world and at least use a valid poll source AND help him with use of the English language?

    They’re not doing their job well as it appears there are some errors in his tweet, as usual. 🙂

    Also, is our President name-calling a female a cow (“sacred cow”) ? Surely not since he is the most respectful man on the planet, right? OR is he poking fun at the people of India for their reverence of the cow?

    Rasmussen’s polls were the third-least accurate of 23 pollsters but trump persists in using their quotes – btw, here is the exact reference for trump’s bullshit. Copied and pasted straight from RasmussenReports: “Forty-nine (49%) of Likely U.S. Voters approve of the president’s job performance. Another 49% disapprove. The latest figures include 35% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 38% who Strongly Disapprove.” Rasmussen hastens to add that his numbers are different from other polls because it depends on how you ask the questions. hahaha! Oh, the irony of trump’s tweaking.

    IBD/TIPP polls are rated as the most accurate, taken 1st of each month with Feb to be out on Feb 6 and will cover period 1/26 – 2/2/2018 — btw, Jan 11 their “approval rating for trump was 35% with disapproval of 58%; favorable rating was 36% and unfavorable was 57%” (I believe it was about the same in Dec 2017.

    So, tweak that assface.

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