One Bull Fears ‘The Silence Of The Bears’

Listen, "some" of you have been mean to Bloomberg's Mark Cudmore "for the past couple of years". And because he doesn't name names in his Wednesday morning missive, we don't have any way of knowing who those heartless bastards are. But what we do know is that because the "ridicule" that's spewed forth from their hateful word holes was tied to Mark's "ever-present underlying bullishness", we know that if he wanted to turn around and subject those people to some "ridicule" of his own, well he'd b

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2 thoughts on “One Bull Fears ‘The Silence Of The Bears’

  1. In-depth from Mark Cudmore from his 1-hour appearance last week on MacroVoices for anyone interested.

    Executive summary:

    dollar (turning bullish), volatility (rising), inflation (muted), US stocks (structurally bullish), eastern Asia (super-bullish), Kyle Bass on China (wrong & clueless), Euro (getting ahead of itself), bonds – nuanced. Well, all are nuanced except for emerging eastern Asia which remains a screaming buy for him.


    PDF transcript:

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