Your Inner Seth M. Golden Is Sweating Bullets

Your Inner Seth M. Golden Is Sweating Bullets

Well, if "this is it" (so to speak) when it comes to the beginning of a market correction, it would be typical of how these things tend to play out. For the past two weeks, BofAML's Michael Hartnett has been shouting about a veritable avalanche of inflows into equity funds and how those flows seemed to be a sure sign that the ubiquitous "fear of missing out" had finally culminated in a "just get me in" attitude among desperate investors. This morning, we documented the extent to which folks
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2 thoughts on “Your Inner Seth M. Golden Is Sweating Bullets

  1. I’m guessing the orange clown will mention “infrastructure” tons of times tonight and futures will rise causing all indexes to gap up Wednesday. Just a thought based on previous insanity. This all needs to be “priced in” for the 100th Time. Wall Street forgot the other 99 times by now.

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