David Stockman: Bubble Finance Is Destroying Rationality

David Stockman: Bubble Finance Is Destroying Rationality

By David Stockman as originally published on Contra Corner and reprinted here with permission You could say thank heavens they have finally stopped buying the "dip". Then again, there apparently aren't any left! That's the case, anyway, even if your notion of a "dip" is any day the market doesn't go up. So far there has been exactly one such occasion during 2018. Or worse still, if you assume the traditional metric of at least a 5% drop, you have already been out of the dip buyin
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3 thoughts on “David Stockman: Bubble Finance Is Destroying Rationality

  1. Would it not have been less expensive and more beneficial to have divided money by the number of citizens and delivered it by helicopter?

    1. Haven’t heard much about helicopter money lately. Of course, that would have bypassed Wall St. banks and left them stewing in their own juices from the subprime housing mess. We can’t have that now can we?

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