2013 Trump Reminds 2018 Trump That Shutdown Is No Big Deal

Just what the doctor ordered.

Donald Trump has spent the entire week insisting that Democrats are to blame for his decision to call Africa, El Salvador, and Haiti “shitholes”.

See the thing is, it didn’t have to come to that. He didn’t want to have say something racist about an entire continent and various other “shithouses”. It’s just that like any old bigot worth his salt, Trump resorted to shouting obscenities and ethnic slurs when people kept insisting that the inscription on the Statue of Liberty is actually something everyone takes pretty seriously.

Whatever. He said what he had to say to reinforce the notion that America has adopted a new approach to immigration that amounts to “no brown people allowed”.


Ultimately, the whole “shithole” thing exacerbated an already contentious immigration debate that, even before Trump’s antics, threatened to culminate in a government shutdown.

Well this week, Trump has tried his hand at a little Christopher Nolan-style “inception” by using his Twitter account to plant an idea in the heads of his deluded followers about there being a link between Democrats, the shutdown, and the military. In short, Trump wants you to believe that were it to happen, a shutdown – or maybe “shitdown” is better – would be indicative of how much Democrats hate the army:

That’s just in case you’re not buying the other line which is of course that Democrats want Mexican drug dealers to rape America’s women:

The funny thing is, if you go back and word search Trump’s tweet history for “shutdown”, what you find is that when he wasn’t busy blasting Obama he was assuring America that in fact, a shutdown is no big deal:

Yes, “don’t believe the lies”. So, 2013 Trump thinks maybe 2018 Trump is being a little hyperbolic. What say you, 2017 Trump?

Ahh, yes. 2017 Trump believes “a good shutdown” might be just what the doctor ordered.

And look, since Trump measures the success of his presidency purely by reference to the Dow, there’s more good news from his 2013 self. Check it out:

Nothing further.



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