President ‘Stable Genius’ (Who Has Told 2,001 Lies In 355 Days) Calls Michael Wolff ‘Mentally Deranged’ Liar

Donald Trump – he’s the President, by the way – is angry on Saturday.

Specifically, he’s upset about “so much Fake News” and by “Fake News” he means the real news that he’s out of his mind.

Here’s the tweet:


As you can see, he apparently took some time away from “document study” to not watch TV and when he was watching the TV that he definitely never watches, he discovered that people are still talking about Michael Wolff’s bestseller which paints a picture of a White House that, to quote Bob Corker, has turned into an “adult day care center.”

According to President “very stable genius“, Wolff is a “mentally deranged author” and as soon as Trump gets done “taking a strong look at the libel laws“, authors like Wolff will be thrown in prison just like they are in Turkey.

Much like Wolff shouldn’t be allowed to “say things that are false, knowingly false and be able to smile as¬†money¬†pours into [his] bank account,” the media shouldn’t say things that demonstrate they “aren’t even trying to get it right or correct it when they are wrong.”

And make no mistake, Trump knows a whole hell of a lot about not even trying to get it right and refusing to correct it when he’s wrong because after all, he has made 2,001 false claims in the past 355 days:


Although not included in that chart, the most manifestly false claim Trump has made since he’s been President is that he’s a “very stable genius” and if you need proof that that claim is in fact manifestly false and that he has no intention of correcting it, please see the tweet shown above.



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One thought on “President ‘Stable Genius’ (Who Has Told 2,001 Lies In 355 Days) Calls Michael Wolff ‘Mentally Deranged’ Liar

  1. Would love to see someone go after Mr. Orange for libel. I’m not a lawyer, but I would think (well, actually I’m just hoping) that there must be at least one instance of libel in those vile tweets of his.

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