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Goldman Weighs In On The Most Important Political Issue Of 2018

But look, it should be fine. Because...

I'm sure this has occurred to you, but in case it hasn't, the 2018 midterm elections look like they're going to be a real bitch for Republicans. Part of the problem is legislative ineptitude and to be sure, that's a bipartisan issue. That is, the blame for gridlock inside the Beltway does not fall solely on the shoulders of the GOP. That said, when you control the government and cannot get anything done, your party will invariably lose public support.   When you exacerbate the situation by allowing the party to morph into a personality cult (which is what’s happened to the GOP under Trump), the backlash from the electorate is likely to be all the more acute, especially when the personality in question is as controversial as Trump is. Mitch McConnell and other mainstream Republicans have recently moved to counter the influence of the Steve Bannon drift ahead of 2018 when the Breitbart boss has promised to challenge incumbents by fielding populist/nationalist candidates like Roy Moore. Of course Bannon’s “war” against the establishment risks further alienating voters as those candidates are inherently volatile. The risk for the party is that the electorate comes t
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