‘American Carnage’: 5 Real Problems In An Otherwise False Narrative

After Donald Trump delivered his inauguration speech, the newly sworn-in President was widely maligned for the rather grim picture he painted of the country he was getting ready to lead. Specifically, the speech sounded more like the screenplay for the opening scene of Terminator 2 than it did a description of a developed nation. Here's the passage that raised more than a few eyebrows for the extent to which it sounded like it walked out of the opening monologue from The Road: Mothers and child

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2 thoughts on “‘American Carnage’: 5 Real Problems In An Otherwise False Narrative

  1. Wow, H that is a marvelous post.

    EVERYBODY is addicted to something (god, drugs, sex) and our work force has always had functioning addicts of one sort or another. The bottle in the drawer being the most common, the three martini lunch etc.,we are lost in a fantasy land of too much of everything, “now I want it now” is the pitiful cry of a country deluded about it’s own “greatness”. Literally we are spoiled on the highly addictive easy way out of our problems from trump to overindulgence.

    We want to blame someone for our own failures, anyone but ourselves. Personal responsibility is rare and blaming color, creed, wealth, lgbgt (lmnopqrs), straight is anyone but ourselves. Russians, N Koreans, Iranians, Jews, Indians hell Canadians for that matter, anyone but ourselves. Don’t forget Mexicans, a wall, a judge, a fu*king Indian Chief, anyone but ourselves. Republicans, independents, democrats, non-voters, Bernie, Hillary, trump, Ryan throw me in there as well, H you to, anyone but ourselves.

    The tipping point of debt and climate has probably already passed for our planet because our 6th extinction is well under way so why wouldn’t we blame anyone but ourselves.

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