Epsilon Theory’s Latest: ‘The Pecking Order’

Epsilon Theory’s Latest: ‘The Pecking Order’

The following is brand new by Ben Hunt, as published over at the excellent Epsilon Theory.   You can also follow Ben on Twitter here ****************** Out of all the animals we keep on our “farm”, chickens are the only ones that bring me no joy. Chickens are, by nature, brutal and cruel. They will torture the weak to death with their pecks, not because they have to, but because they can. It’s the way their brains are hard-wired, and it works for them, as a species. So I pretend t
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4 thoughts on “Epsilon Theory’s Latest: ‘The Pecking Order’

  1. I used to raise poultry. It was a useful exercise in many things not the least of which was getting blood on your hands. As an experiment, I made the effort to LOOK into the eyes of every hen that I beheaded. Changed my life…

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