Trump Is Losing His Mind: ‘Your Favorite President’ And The Navajo ‘Code Talkers’

Just to be clear, we are not the only ones to contend that Donald Trump’s mental acuity is rapidly deteriorating. More than a few commentators who have known the President for years have suggested that he’s becoming a caricature of himself. That tends to happen with age anyway and when you pile on the pressure of the office, the dynamic is supercharged.

No one besides Trump has ever accused Trump of being particularly bright and his place in the media troll hall of fame was cemented long before he ascended to the presidency.  In the same vein, he has been making outlandish statements for decades and has always demonstrated a remarkable propensity to resort to almost childlike behavior when he feels slighted.

But over the past ten months, Trump’s penchant for dabbling in the absurd has seemingly grown stronger in lockstep with the backlash against his presidency. There was “bleeding face” Brzezinski, then there was “little rocket man”, then there was Bob Corker the “dog catcher”, and more recently there was LaVar Ball the “poor man’s Don King without the hair.” This long ago crossed over into an alternate reality where somehow we’ve all become basically numb to Trump saying things that would be wildly inappropriate coming from a high school class president, let alone the President of the United States.

Well this month, Trump has taken a shine to referring to himself in the third person and also calling himself “your favorite President.” One particularly strange thing about that is he says it as though we have more than one President. Unfortunately, Trump is by default every American’s favorite President because like it or not, he’s the only one we’ve got. And yet somehow I’m not sure that’s what he means. This morning, he tweeted something so crazy that figuring out where to start when it comes to lampooning it is well nigh impossible. Here it is:

That is so incredibly stupid that it’s hard to believe it came from an adult.

And that would hardly be the stupidest thing he did on Monday. As you’ve probably heard by now, Trump participated in a ceremony to honor Navajo “Code Talkers” this afternoon.

The photo op was fucked from the get go because the ceremony was carried out in front of a picture of Andrew Jackson, who signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which paved the way for the “Trail of Tears.”

But as bad as that was, things got immeasurably worse when Trump said this:

So that’s the President of the United States, forcing Native Americans to stand in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, and then using a racial slur about Native Americans to describe a sitting U.S. Senator.

For her part, Warren was incredulous:

Yes, “deeply unfortunate.” And again, the sheer lunacy of this seems to underscore the notion that Trump is losing his fucking mind. That isn’t just a typical Trump boondoggle; that’s a swan dive into a sea of psychosis.

Forget Robert Mueller or the multiple Congressional probes, it is truly difficult to imagine how he can possibly make it another three years if this is his mental state now. He needs to be impeached if for no other reason than to save him from himself.

On the bright side, it’s funny if you slow it down…

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3 thoughts on “Trump Is Losing His Mind: ‘Your Favorite President’ And The Navajo ‘Code Talkers’

  1. The Trump presidency proves that there is a God, and He is playing a cosmic joke on mankind for our materialism, inhumanity, and stupidity.

  2. Absolutely the most ignorant man on the entire planet. Watching him make his comment after the Navajo U.S. Veteran told an incredible story of the code talkers proved he has no class and no functioning brain cells. He must be impeached and removed from office. Please.

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